Edit Order by Cleverific

Edit Order by Cleverific

by Cleverific, Inc

Edit customer orders & send payment requests in Shopify

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Yvette Michele

Please do not use this app to edit POS sales. The coding is only set up for online. I also believe that it has not been fully tested. I lost a large amount of money because it decided to remove the tax from an edited order. I still will have to pay the tax to the state and Shopify has no way of resending the actions caused by this app. Therefore the taxes I collected had been removed and I still the taxes. The only reason I am giving this a 2 is because someone did respond, but basically the answer was sorry. Therefore I am out double the amount :(


Works great WHEN IT WORKS. Looking to see what we can find in the way of alternatives because we are beginning to question its reliability. Its currently (and it has done this a couple of times the last few months) not loaded at all.

And customer support is IMPOSSIBLE to get a hold of.


I used this app when it was free, and thought it was great because it's a feature that SHOPIFY SHOULD ALREADY HAVE.

Now, the app is no longer free and requires a $19/mth payment which is plain robbery. This app is great but it is no way at all worth a recurring cost of $19 per month. It should rather be a one-time paid app for about $40.


Had this App for about 6 months, used it probably 3 times, just for address updates, now they want 19 bucks, man this app aint worth 19 bucks not in this life or the next...sorry but i wont be using it

Barbell Apparel

Decent functionality but $19/mo?

I only have to edit a few orders a month at most. Paying $6 everytime I need to edit it an order is ridiculous.

It's use is not without hassles, it essentially cancels the first order and creates a new one in the system.

I can do this manually, but it always causes a headache with our 3PL.

LUNA Sandals

A well made app, however; what is the meaning if I can't charge customers' credit card automatically for an item I added to their order? Plus, it doesn't integrate well with RobinHQ app :( I hope Shopify will have a better solution for editing orders soon.