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Data modifica: 23 febbraio 2024

Works exactly as advertised. Easy to use and doesn't require a separate app to open.

UPDATE - I couldn't backdate orders without selecting a plan. At the time, I assumed that this was just part of the process and I'd get billed after the 3-day trial. Well, the next morning, I had a bill for $4.99, so there is no 3-day trial. I've requested a refund. I'll update this review if they refund my money.

UPDATE #2 - Editify explained why I was charged and it seems to be a mistake on my part. Without a problem, Editify refunded my money. The app worked as I needed, so I changed my review to 4 stars.

SAFE Firearm Sales, LLC
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Shopvana ha risposto 16 febbraio 2024

Hi, Thanks for your review. I'll explain what happened. The reason you were billed the next day is that you canceled the subscription with the free trial and then activated it again thus nulling the free trial. The refund was invoiced yesterday, it usually takes a couple of days to hit your account as they are managed by Shopify. Also sent you an email with the refunded invoice. We apologize for any inconvenience

6 febbraio 2024

Useful app to edit order dates!

Blackcraft Cult
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5 agosto 2023

cheapest app for change order name. it is pretty good but the app cannot be used for financial reporting because it doesn't count the backtracked date instead it used the created date

Nuova Zelanda
6 minuti di utilizzo dell’app
26 settembre 2023

good app

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