Product Reviews + Q&A EggViews

Product Reviews + Q&A EggViews

door Gowebbaby

Advance Product Reviews, Site Reviews, and Photo Review, Q&A

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Product Review & Site Review

Showcase product reviews, site reviews and multi image reviews easily on the store.

Generate customer Reviews

Collect reviews, photos, and Q&A with a single email request or directly on-site with the Reviews Widget.

Boost traffic, SEO and Sales

Showcase your Reviews on Google Shopping, Google. Increase SEO ranking. Use the power of Social Proof to increase Sales!

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We are committed to solving 2 of the most important problems Shopify store owners face when it comes to reviews. 1. Provide Customized Solutions as per the businesses in the easiest way. 2. Provide affordable Pricing for the review system on Shopify.

Eggviews review allows you to add a customer review feature to your products easily. Customers can easily upload the images of purchased products with their reviews. You can also create Reviews Widget, Reviews Tab & Star Ratings to increase conversion rate.

Features Available in Product Review App:

Automatic review requests

Our automated review requests go out after the product is purchased. You can also set a reminder in the admin to send emails after "X" days.

In-email review forms

By default, we send in-email review requests to maximize the number of reviews. Easily add your logo and brand colors. Customize every part of the email copy for better review. A customer can reply to this email with a full Product Review.

Question & Answers for Reviews

Allow your customers to ask questions regarding your products, build a community and increase trust for your customers.

Review pictures

Reviewer-generated photos make the reviews more personal, and our image gallery (on product pages and all reviews page) lets your visitors browse all pictures.

All reviews page

Promote your brand, not just your products. Use the All Reviews page to showcase all reviews of all your products in one place.

Review replies

Show your customers that you care by replying to their reviews. Build trust with all your visitors by showing those replies on product pages and the all reviews page.

Verified buyer badges For reviews

Reviews work best if visitors trust they are authentic. We automatically check the order history of every reviewer and assign “verified buyer” badges to reviews.

Coupons For giving reviews

Send a coupon code after a reviewer left a review. Optionally target only reviews with pictures, verified buyers, etc.

Rich Snippets in review

Show star rating and a number of product reviews in organic search results. This increases Google Seller Ratings.

Reminder for review

Specify the time in your local timezone to send the review emails, or send them now by clicking the "Send Now" button. Fewer people will want to review at 2 am at night, so perhaps schedule them in the morning or afternoon.

Email Tracking in Review

Track whether a customer has already opened or submitted the review email. This lets you better strategist your next approach.

Mobile-friendly Reviews

Review request email and thank you page are mobile-friendly and 100% responsive.

Bulk Review Request

Send bulk review emails.

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Basic Plan


  • Till 50 Orders/Month on Stores.

Advance Plan


  • $15/month Up to 200 orders/month

Proffessional Plan


  • $29/month Up to 500 orders/month

* Alle kosten worden in USD gefactureerd. Terugkerende kosten, inclusief maandelijkse of op gebruik gebaseerde kosten, worden elke 30 dagen in rekening gebracht.

3.2 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies


It worked fine until is sent spam to my customers. After that, I can't trust this app to be secure so I deleted it.

It was a free app actually. And suddenly out of nowhere, they started charging customers $9 per month for the app. This is very untruthful business. Slow customer support, weak app. WASTED MY TIME on it. Please do not try. There is much more better apps out there. I believe some of the comments are fake as well. NAH~ bad luck. DO NOT INSTALL.

After uninstalling their app and given this feedback, they send you an email to threaten you to give you bad reviews on Google, Facebook & everywhere else possible.

The Connection Team

seems the spp went crazy and started spamming my customers
Heres one of the complaints below

Hi, why are you bombarding me with those emails?
Could you please take me off your mailing list?