Ekoma: Loyalty, Referrals, VIP

Ekoma: Loyalty, Referrals, VIP

door Ekoma

Grow your business with points, referral and VIP programs

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Points Program

Reward your customers with points for positive actions taken to support your business (Social media actions, order placement, reviews, etc.)

Referral Program

Incentivize your customers for each new referral that spends money on your store and maximize word of mouth!

VIP Program

Reward your top customers with exclusive perks. Create exciting VIP tiers based on unique criteria to grow your business.

Over Ekoma: Loyalty, Referrals, VIP

Maximize your marketing efforts and grow your business

Ekoma is a customer engagement platform offering you the tools to design an engaging shopping experience:

  • Referral Program
  • Loyalty Program (Points)
  • VIP Program
  • Shopify POS Integration

Capitalize on the most efficient marketing strategy: the word of mouth.


Ekoma allows you to create all sorts of rewards to incentivize your customers:

  • Coupons (flat rate, percentage or free shipping)
  • Freebies (SKUs)
  • Custom (everything you can think of...)
  • Points multipliers

Just a few numbers

Repeat customers refer on average 50% more people.

Because they trust your brand, these new customers are now 4 times more likely to place, at least, one order.

Referred customers are more loyal, with a higher NPS, spend more, with a higher LTV and AOV, and refer more customers themselves.

Finally, these referred customers are cheaper to market and spend on average 300% more than other customers.

We see it every day from our clients who invest in their engagement strategy.

Why use Ekoma?

Create a relationship with your customers and convert more sales. Having satisfied customers is not enough these days. Due to the fierce competition in all markets, your business needs to connect and exchange more than ever with its audience. These happy customers now have a simple tool to spread their positive experiences to all facets of the digital world.

Reach an audience that shares the same values

Leverage your community of customers with a win-win strategy that allows your customers to share your common values and refer qualified potential customers! Your customers love your products, all they want is the tool and an incentive to share it.

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  • 20 Orders Per Month
  • Unlimited Rewards & Customers
  • Referral & Loyalty Program
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4.4 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies

Slayy Cosmetics

very nice integration I had downgraded from the price of $149 to $29 a month you can't beat that plus it does way more then my other loyalty program did I can have way more customization and vip tiers than my last u could only so much and then so I'm very happy only down fall is importing my customers point list.


I think it's quite complete for the price you pay, its great you can customize many parts. It would be amazing if you can consider including these requests:
1. Include a coupon with shipping percentage discount, where we can select how much discount will be given.
2. Points may expire after x days
3. Expand VIP tier criteria to include an optional time condition, something like this: Points (or whatever) earned When your customers earn between x and y points (optionally: within the last z days), more or less like airlines status.
Thanks for this amazing app!

Z Natural Foods

Our customers love Ekoma as much as we do. It's a great way to build loyalty and keep customers coming back to make additional purchases. It is simple for our customers to use and simple for our customer service team to manage. The support is also top-notch, and I highly recommend this app to any store owner. We use Ekoma for both of our stores, and I can't imagine having a store and not using it.