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Show reviews from Booking.com to prove your reputation

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Boost trust

Demonstrate that the reviews are real using author data and elevate credibility of your brand

Raise sales

Use your high appraisal and positive reviews to convince users your items are worth paying for and attract more sales

Inspire new reviews

With immediate access to your page and an engaging call-to-action button, you will get more user reviews

Acerca de Elfsight Booking Reviews

Booking Reviews app provides you with the option to Increase sales-boosting your superb rating and clients’ recognition on the web page. Your customers will be able to Attract more reviews with a call-to-action button and redirect to your Booking account.

Incredible Booking Reviews on Shopify site in a minute!

From Booking.com - to your website, with ease

Elfsight Booking Reviews will help you demonstrate clients’ reviews with author’s name, photo and a link to your Booking account. You can sort out reviews to show only the best, vary text settings, add ratings and much more. Automatic updates will ensure all new reviews appear on the site.

Show all signs of your high social proof

With Elfsight Booking Reviews widget, you’ve got everything to prove to your site visitors that you are a reliable partner: a star rating, the total number of people, who recommended your place with their photo, and these elements are clickable and redirect a user to your Booking profile.

Get more new reviews from website visitors

With a compelling call-to-action and a button, you can direct even more customers to add reviews about your business on Booking.com. Elfsight Booking Reviews includes an active button that offers each user to leave their own review. The “Yes” button redirects to your Booking page, ‘No”, shows a text message from you. You can show any text and add a link for sending you an email.

The design is at your command

The widget includes four options of the layout: you can show your reviews as a List, arrange them into a Grid, show as a Slider, or pick a Badge variant. Vary the width and height of the widget to your requirements and –manage the header. In addition, you can select the review template, show or turn off its elements, such as author name, picture, Booking icon, and more.

Stylish features for a unique look

Enjoy a widget that will be a perfect match for your site. Elfsight Booking Reviews, allows you to choose colors and set fonts of the widget. You have five details that you can paint, and an option to change font size of the title and review text. Transform widget yourself to make it truly custom without a lot of work!

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