Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews


Show reviews from Facebook on your site with review request

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Grow trust with real reviews

Author info helps prove that reviews are by real people and thus, increases trustworthiness of your brand

Show rating to increase sales

Star rating, being on of the most trusted, will show high value of your offers and eliminate doubts about purchasing

More reviews on request

Review request on the widget header will attract new reviews on Facebook or feedback to your email

Facebook Reviews 정보

Facebook Reviews provide you with the opportunity to grow sales demonstrating your excellent rating and customer appreciation on your homepage. Your website visitors will be able to use your high rating and excellent reviews to verify your items are worth buying and attract news sales. Awesome facebook reviews app on your Shopify web page in a few minutes!

Integrating Shopify Facebook reviews on the website

Embed customer reviews from Facebook on the website showing the authors’ names, photos and a link to your Facebook account. Reviews can be filtered with three filters. Automatic updating ensures that every new review appears on the site.

Review request to get more feedback

Elfsight Facebook Review widget features a review-request button with a call-to-action. Users may leave their reviews by going to your Facebook account. Alternatively, a message window will show your email address to send feedback.

Flexible header with switchable elements

The widget header features star rating of your account and the total number of people who recommended it. The elements are clickable and direct to your Facebook page. There’s an option to show recommend and Facebook icons. All elements are switchable.

Diverse design options

There are four predefined variants of widget layout: List, Grid, Slider or Badge, and adjustable width and height parameters. Review template can also be chosen out of four available options. Interface elements, such as Facebook icon, star rating, the author name, and picture are switchable, as well as the header.

Style details

In our widget, you can choose colors of five paintable elements: background, text, rating, and more. There’s also an option to choose the font size of title and review texts.

And more:

  • Embedding customer reviews from Facebook page
  • Three types of filters: type, exclude by, and quantity
  • Four types of layout: List, Grid, Slider, Masonry
  • Choosing the number of reviews per page
  • Arrows and drags navigation in Slider layout
  • Choosing pagination type in Slider layout
  • Adjustable width and height of the widget
  • Switchable header of the widget
  • Switchable elements of the header: rating and pictures of reviewers
  • Editable widget title with adjustable font size and weight
  • Review request button to redirect on Facebook page
  • Two scenarios of review request denial: show a message or hide the form
  • Three review templates: Classic, Bubble, Spotlight
  • 6 switchable elements of the reviews: author name and picture, recommendation, date, Facebook icon, and star rating
  • 5 paintable elements of the interface


Support Team and they will reply with professional assistance really soon. Expect our response Mon – Fri. We try to be the best for our clients and intend to come in handy!


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Beaute Florale

La aplicación es muy buena ayuda mucho. Mis clientes pueden ver la experiencia de compra de otras personas y eso ayuda a crear confianza


I Requested for the Review Application and installed it on my store. There were issues like placements of the App but Help/ Support Team from Elfsight was very professional and On-Time. Now the App is working exactly I wanted it to be. Thanks


its a scam, its useless, reviewer´s name are not showing anymore, the all point of the app was this.