Elfsight Photo Gallery

Elfsight Photo Gallery

de Elfsight

Showcase your best photos through a handy widget

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Level up engagement

Make users stay longer and more active on your site viewing your eye-catching images

Boost sales

Show the best product photos to make your offers irresistible and increase sales level

Improve user experience

Provide the best experience, with easy-to-navigate and spectacular image widget

Acerca de Elfsight Photo Gallery

Elfsight Photo Gallery is the fastest way to demonstrate your photos or build an attractive gallery on your website. Use any amount of photos, write descriptions, and pick the optimal way to place those on the page. Elfsight widget features 6 variants of layout and a lot of other interface features. Each picture can be seen in popup mode, people can navigate through them or start a slideshow, zoom, and admire the photos full-screen. You have an option to color for the widget interface and apply a custom background, apply text options and more style options.

Create various types of galleries

With Elfsight Photo Gallery you can showcase your products, let users see the interiors of your place, pay their attention to the quality of the services you provide, and create an image gallery for any other task.

Seven layouts help you find the perfect configuration

Choose one of the seven layouts: vertical or horizontal Masonry, Slider, Grid with custom columns and rows number, stylish Stripes or Columns, and there’s also one with Thumbnails.

Your photos can open on the site or at any address

Gallery photos will open in popup right here or you can show them on another website, if you just add the URL. Users will be redirected in one click. Also, you can switch off photo opening at all.

Color the background or upload your own one

The background of the gallery can be painted any custom color or become transparent if you wish so. You can also upload your own image and use it as background.

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* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD. Los cargos recurrentes, incluidos los costos mensuales o los cargos basados en el uso, se facturan cada 30 días.

1.0 con 5 estrellas

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je désire tester application est aucun jour gratuit ! je n'ai pas pu...je suis facturé de suis 5€ ...

Respuesta del desarrollador

26 de febrero de 2020


Merci de nous avoir contacté!

Je suis vraiment désolé que vous n'ayez pas utilisé votre essai gratuit. Cela est dû au fait que vous avez probablement appuyé sur Accepter les frais. Ce bouton est là pour vous permettre de payer l'application avant la fin de l'essai gratuit, et lorsque vous appuyez dessus, vous êtes facturé immédiatement.

Nous serons heureux de vous rembourser ces frais. Nos transactions financières sont traitées du côté Shopify, vous devrez donc contacter le support Shopify pour obtenir un remboursement. Veuillez le faire et nous l'approuverons immédiatement pour vous.

Je vous remercie!

Tube Top Company

Was supposed to get a 7-day free trial, but this company billed me the full amount - even after I deleted the app not more than 20 mins later. I NEVER accepted any charges as claimed by
Elfsight and it was an absolute pain to get the charges dropped off my bill from Shopify without having to send ENDLESS back and forth emails. It took two days before Elfsight gave Shopify authorization to credit me so it wasn’t “prompt”. I deleted this app immediately after installing because I found a better app that wasn’t complicated like Elfsight.

Respuesta del desarrollador

19 de febrero de 2020

Hey there,
We’re very sorry about this misunderstanding.
We don’t actually charge our customers, Shopify processes all our financial transactions.
Also, we’ve checked our records, just in case, and we didn’t see any payments from you.
We absolutely agree that it’s unfair to pay for an app you haven’t used, and we’ll be happy to take a closer look into the situation. Would it be an option for you to message us at support@elfsight.com and send us a screenshot of your invoice, so that we can check this with Shopify?
Thank you for your time!

Update: With the way our app works, you have 7 days of free trial. So you can use the app for free during these 7 days, without making any payments.

However, we also offer the option of accepting the charges for the app before your trial is over, to make sure that the app is still displayed on your website after the trial is over. It’s up to our customer to accept the charges before the trial is over, or not. So if you enjoy our app, you can accept the charges before the end of the trial period.

In this specific case, the customer has accepted charges before having tested our app, and it was the customer’s decision to do so. This wasn’t a fraudulent charge, the customer has agreed to make the payment.
The customer has requested Shopify for a refund, and we promptly approved the refund on our side.