Elfsight Restaurant Menu

Elfsight Restaurant Menu

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Embed Restaurant Menu on your website


Present your meals and beverag

With the help of the effective and stylish tools of our editor, you can embed your delicious menu right on your website

More guests - more profit

Encourage website visitors to become your guests and order delicious meals or beverages in your cafe

Always right info in your menu

User-friendly configurator helps you update your info any moment you like just in a few clicks

Elfsight Restaurant Menuの詳細情報

With the easy-to-manage app tool you can show your diversity of dishes and drinks right on your website. It is a great way to tell your users about your variety, point a unique concept and drive their attention with appealing food images. The plugin is extremely handy. Thanks to it you can present endless number of menus with a huge range of items. Or just display a short list of the meals you serve. Select light, dark scheme or customize settings you wish, changing all accent colors. The biggest benefit of the widget is that it stays current; you can update pricing, a list of items, add new dishes or even menus in one click! Just start creating your fascinating menu right now!

Create complicated menu just in a few clicks

No difference if you are an owner of a vegan cafe or an Irish pub, to embed a menu on your webpage is not a problem anymore. Add a brief list or a different kinds of meals, divided into sections or even a whole bunch of specific menus. Choose proper menu layout and create a stunning menu attaching as more details as you like: pics, prices, captions, a nutritional info and many other settings.

Informative and vivid approach to show a diversity

Restaurant Menu Widget is simply to tailor and renew anytime you wish. Set the fitting layouts for menus and sections and display your appetizing specials with saucy description in a practicable and easy-to-read manner.

Represent uniqueness of your cuisine

What should you pay attention to while forming a menu for your site? Your meals and beverages, of course! Catchy dish images, ”tasty” captions, practical info for your clients: ingredients and allergic components info, provided by 20 icons. Let your potential clients feel a unique taste of each meal and not to miss an opportunity to try it in your restaurant or cafe!

Let your menu modern and captivating

Make up a stylish menu with various of a style instruments to display your as a status establishment is easy as never before. With our editor you don’t need any designer skills. Just create it yourself in some clicks. It’s simply to create and it is extremely adaptive for mobile devices.






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