eMAG Marketplace Connector

eMAG Marketplace Connector

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eMAG Marketplace Connectorの詳細情報

About eMAG

eMAG is a top e-commerce retailer in Eastern Europe. Our Marketplace model handles more than 10k sellers publishing and selling products in our Marketplace and is growing super fast. To use this app, shops must be previously approved by eMAG. This app can only be used to sell in countries where eMAG operates, which are: Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland.

eMAG Marketplace connector

1. What problem does the app solve?

The eMAG Marketplace connector helps you integrate your Shopify store with the eMAG Marketplace vendor platform.

2. How does it solve the problem?

You can automatically send product documentation (titles, descriptions, images, etc.), product price info, product stock info, new products and any updates for previously sent products to the eMAG Marketplace platform. You will also be able to receive orders from the eMAG Marketplace platform and import them into your Shopify store.

3. How will this change the look of my store?

This app will not affect how your store will look like.

4. How do I get started?

Please visit the Shopify App Store, search for “eMAG Marketplace connector” and install the plugin. Also, make sure you have ready the API URL, the username and password provided by eMAG representatives.





1.0 5つ星

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Vizzy Romania

Despite the negative reviews, I wanted to give this app a chance, but I can't even install this app, I instantly get a server error...


Приложението е пълна боза и за нищо не става. То не може да работи изобщо, дори с коректно подадени данни.

Чиста загуба на време е! Оценка НУЛА (0).

AfroCare Romania

Same issue as the reviews below. The app does not recognise the credentials and developers are saying they cannot help and they don't have a solution. Very disappointed.