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Daily Joke Newsletter - Make Them Laugh. Make Them Buy!

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Make Them Laugh

Make your customers laugh with daily joke emails, keeping your brand in their mind all the time.

Make Them Buy

Give shopping recommendations each day, converting more orders like never before.

Make It Easy

We pick jokes. We prepare emails. We do the heavy lifting. You just enjoy.

有關 Email Me Jokes

Daily newsletter is an effective email marketing tool. However, running a daily newsletter is challenging. First you need sufficient time or resources to prepare fresh contents every day. Second you must ensure the contents are so engaging that receipts love to open and read them. Otherwise, you will get low open rates, minimal conversions, and a lot of opt-outs.

This app enables you to enjoy the benefits of daily newsletter effortlessly.

Engaging Contents

Every day we hand pick a popular joke for your newsletter. Your customers will love it and want more, resulting in a higher and higher open rate.

Endless Email Sequence

We ensure each joke will not be sent to the same receipt twice in a year to the least, engaging your customers every day throughout the year.

Beautiful Email Templates

We provide well-designed email templates that are tested from all major email clients, on both desktop and mobile. You just choose one for your newsletter with a single click.

Subscriber Management

We handle newsletter opt-in and opt-out so you don't have to worry about regulation compliance.

Make Them Buy!

Each newsletter email includes not only a joke but also a recommendation of the day, with a strong call-to-action button that shoppers love to click.

How It Works

Add this app to your Shopify store and you can start sending daily joke newsletter right away. It just works out of box. You even don't need to set it up.

If you prefer, you may set up the following settings, which are all optional.

  • Email template
  • Products to recommend
  • Social links

Try it now. Start sending emails in several minutes!



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I just installed this app., and I am so excited! I tested it myself and it was so cute! I recommend this app., 100% I actually laughed when I read the joke. First of all I am the type of woman that loves jokes and fashion so I feel like I am killing two birds w/one stone.