Email Signatures

Email Signatures

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The simplest way to create a beautiful email signatures!

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Professional emails

Emails without a professional signature doesn't look good, Panda signatures help you gain trust with your email readers.

Personalized signatures

Each signature you create fits perfect with into your email with your store info.

Free forever

Panda signatures is free and will stay free forever, without any limit to number of signatures and simply without any limits!

Om Email Signatures

Brand Your Store Emails With Email Signatures!

Want to enhance the look of the emails you send your buyers? Or maybe add some oomph to your Shopify email notifications? With our Email Signature app you can do just that!

Choose one of our designed themes for your signature, add any contact information you want that will show in your emails and just like that your signature is all ready! Now you can embed the signature in any of your email accounts and add it as an HTML to your Shopify notifications.

Email Signature Themes

We offer 6 different themes from which you can choose your email signature’s design, each theme can be customized by choosing a theme color & adding your own logo/photo.

Free & NO Brandmark

Emails signatures is completely free and most importantly no brandmark will be added to your signature.

Why should I use Email Signatures?

  • Creates a unified branded look in all your emails with a designed email signature.
  • Adds social buttons to your emails helping you increase your fan base on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!
  • Super user-friendly & easy-to-use, create and embed your signature with just a few clicks!

A designed email signature is not only a great brand-building tool, but it can also help you build brand loyalty and increase buyers engagement on your social networks!

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4.9 af 5 stjerner

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Great! I am so glad I was able to get help on email signatures. It just wouldn't transfer over to outlook properly but overall satisfied with this.

Baeheck Hair

great app thank you

her tees

this app helped us tremendously. it was so easy to create a signature and that made all the difference in looking professional. i highly recommend this application for anyone who doesn't want to make their own signature.