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20. Dezember 2019

The emails look great, but there is nothing more that I hate than a web app that won't work in my browser of choice. The fact that it works in Chrome but always errors out in Safari is just pitiful.

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FORSBERG+two ApS hat geantwortet 20. Dezember 2019

Hey there,

Thanks for the review, and my apologies for the troubles in Safari you ran into.

Unfortunately this is due to a larger issue, for all apps that are “embedded” into the Shopify admin at the moment.. and changes in the latest version of the Safari browser.

Long story short, Safari now blocks “third party cookies” due to the way ad networks abuse this technology to track accross websites.

The problem is that embedded apps on Shopify also use the same technology to log you into the app, inside Shopify. We have nothing to do with ads, but just happen to be using the same technology for different reasons.

We are working with Shopify and hoping they come up with a solution to the problem as soon as possible. Unfortunately until they do, we either have to ask you to use another browser, or update our apps to no longer be embedded.

Again, sorry you are running into this.. and know it’s something we are working to fix/improve.

Have a great weekend,
Bjorn Forsberg

Founder - OrderlyEmails by FORSBERG+two

Bearbeitet am 10. Februar 2018

Great application
In Arabic we start writing from right to left
The application does not support changing the text orientation
I hope to set the option to change the direction of the text
I do not want lines and we do not need any other development
Just just enable changing the direction of the text
Everything is okay

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25. September 2018

As much as I like the app. The customer service is lacking. The app didn't work properly and it took the owner days to respond to my request. Now the app is mysteriously working without my knowledge. Hopefully it works throughout the time I use it, but customer service needs to be better.

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20. Mai 2020

I love the templates I just wish they were printer friendly. If there is a better template than what I have chosen please let me know.

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FORSBERG+two ApS hat geantwortet 22. Mai 2020

Thanks for the review and the feedback :) The team has reached out to you to get some more info about what you were wanting to do, would love to hear back from you.

The app is specifically designed for creating EMAIL TEMPLATES, and so they are not designed to be printed as such. However, most of the designs will print nicely as well, it may just use a lot of ink if you have lots of color in your design. Would love to hear back from you on the issue you were seeing on your designs.

We also have the Order Printer Templates app if you are looking for actual PRINT TEMPLATES for your store (invoices, packing slips etc), it's specifically designed for those.

Hope it helps and stay safe,
Bjorn Forsberg

Founder - OrderlyEmails by FORSBERG+two

Bearbeitet am 28. Januar 2020

The app is an excellent example of how you build a Shopify app – consistent with Shopify UX and very intuitive.

One complaint though – it was a bad idea to combine headers and buttons font settings. I bet most of the stores use different font style for text headings and buttons

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FORSBERG+two ApS hat geantwortet 29. Januar 2020

Thanks for the review, and the constructive feedback :) That's actually a very good point, and something I will improve.

I want to avoid having another font choice, because the more options there are the more complicated (and time consuming) customization gets. One way to do it, would be to have a dropdown for the button settings, where you can choose if you want the button to use the Title, Heading or Body font. That way you can switch between the fonts you've already setup.

Will look into this further, thanks again for the feedback. If you think of anything else, please feel free to get in contact.

Many thanks,
Bjorn Forsberg

Founder - OrderlyEmails by FORSBERG+two