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8 december 2018

The one and only top notch app that allows you to fully customise your email notifications. I was looking high and low and found this app. Plenty of gorgeous templates. Thank you so much for this great app!

Lucius Atelier
2 minuter användning av appen
22 september 2022

Free to Install??? Sure, but then $100 to buy templates - other charges "MAY APPLY". I'd like to see a basic confirmation template that I can use to try out the UI editing capabilities before I pay for something that may not meet our requirements.

My Magic Carpet | Washable Rugs
7 minuter användning av appen
FORSBERG+two ApS svarade 23 september 2022

Thanks for the feedback, and apologies you didn't see the pricing clearly before installing the app. The price of the templates are shown in the "Pricing" section of the Shopify App Store Listing. Unfortunately Shopify does not allow us to customize the text at the top of the Shopify App Store Listing :(

Note: You can edit and try all of the designs in the UI editor before deciding if you would like to purchase it. In other words, you can try the app as much as you like, and for as long as you like, before deciding to purchase the email theme and publish it in your store.

If anything else comes up, do feel free to reach out to our 24/7 support team, we'd be happy to help :)

Kind regards,
Bjorn Forsberg
Founder - OrderlyEmails by FORSBERG+two

15 november 2019

You have to pay for all the templates...

Make some free templates, and some premium ones so that everyone can use the app.

Pierre Lotti Coffee
4 minuter användning av appen
FORSBERG+two ApS svarade 15 november 2019

“I see you sell coffee, but I didn’t find any free ones.

At least make some free and some premium so everyone can have coffee!”

1-star! ;)

On a more serious note though, I'm sorry you found the cost of the app prohibitive. Luckily, Shopify comes with standard designs for all of the emails out of the box, and you can make some minor customisations yourself. See this help article: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/sell-online/notifications/edit-template#add-a-logo-to-your-email-templates

OrderlyEmails is really built for businesses that want to invest in their brand and customer experience, and costs a one-time fee of $49 for an email theme (24 email templates), with free updates for life.

I'm an independent app developer, so offering free design, development, server costs, and support (the big one) for everyone is just not feasible. I know some giant companies offer free services, but that's so they can make money from you in different ways. That's just not how I want to do business.

Thanks for your understanding, and have a great Friday!

Bjorn Forsberg
OrderlyEmails by FORSBERG+two

Redigerat 20 februari 2016

Fabulous app! For someone with no coding experience, this app is a life saver.. my new emails look great!

6 maj 2016

How can I navigate the main page to choose the template?

Now I am try your template, it's very interesting. Now I am in the page with 'Edit Template' Button. I want to choose another template. But I don't know how to navigate to the page where there are some different pages I can choose. Now I am in the page which is attached as a picture in this email. Please check and help.

Geek 15
19 mars 2017

Was about to pay $15 per HTML Notification for someone to edit for me before coming across this.. Soooooo happy I found this, amazing!

20 april 2019

I love this app! The templates are beautiful and basically they have everything ready for you! You just need to customize the text, if you want.

Sienna NZ
Nya Zeeland
29 januari 2019

This app is a MUST for every Shopify store! If you are looking to customize the plain default notifications on your store and make your store looks more professional then you must have this. worth every penny!

5 januari 2019

Fantastic app! Templates are beautiful (and it's great that it's a one-off charge), so easy to use, matches the Shopify interface and overall just fantastic. Easy to use, great prompt helpful support as well. Highly recommended, such a boost for our store's emails.

BladesPro UK
25 januari 2020

The first app I download for each of my stores. Abandoned cart emails are the key to conversion, and these guys make mine beautiful. Not to mention they keep my branding consistent and great :) Thank you!

Fair Felt