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Emailable - Email Verification

Emailable - Email Verification

Developed by RareLogic Inc.

9 reviews
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  • Remove bad, fake and spam emails from your customer marketing lists
  • Improve your email deliverability by not sending your campaigns to emails that bounce
  • Get more emails into the inbox, higher open rates and more sales

Clean Emails = More Sales

Building your email list is critical for sales growth and lead generation. But collecting emails from popups, incentive apps, contests, and other web forms means a high number of bad emails will get into your marketing lists from typos, disposable domains, and spambots.

Every time you send a campaign to a low quality or bounced email, your sender reputation goes down, resulting in ESPs like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook delivering more and more of your marketing emails into spam instead of the inbox.

Fewer emails going to the inbox means less sales.

Emailable - Automated Email Verification for Shopify

Emailable is an automated email verification app that keeps your customer and marketing lists continuously clean and protects your send reputation so more of your emails go to the inbox.

  • Reduce bounce, complaints, and unsubscribes

  • Protect against low quality emails, bots and spam traps

  • Catch and correct typos, spelling and syntax errors


✔ Keep Fake or Spammy Emails Out of Your Forms

Emailable protects all your forms: signup, downloads, and more from spam bots, fake emails, and more.


✔ Works with the Tools You Love

Conventional email verification is tedious, but Emailable is seamlessly integrated with all the ecommerce and marketing tools you use. We connect to your Shopify store and email marketing service, like MailChimp, as well as support file-based email lists uploads.

✔ List Cleaning Improves Deliverability

Emailable scans your lists for bad and undeliverable email addresses and instantly unsubscribes them from further marketing activities. New customers and sign-ups also get imported and verified automatically in real-time to ensure you never send to an address that will bounce. Your email deliverability will be improved with fewer spam complaints and unsubscribes.

✔ Catch Emails That Go Bad

Over 2.5% of your emails expire and go inactive each month. Emails go bad constantly which means you can expect 25 to 30 percent of your customer emails to become undeliverable each year resulting in high bounce rates. Emailable continuously monitors and re-verifies your lists every 30 days to catch inactive emails and unsubscribes them.

✔ Regain Lost Emails with Spell Correction

Emailable scans and fixes email addresses from your customer lists with common typos and spelling mistakes, for example:

jon.smith@gnail.com becomes jon.smith@gmail.com

✔ Increase your Open Rates and Sales

Every email that does not land in the inbox of a prospective customer is a lost opportunity. By using Emailable your marketing campaigns reach real people and more inboxes increasing the probability of conversions.

✔ Save Money

All bad, fake and spam emails are automatically unsubscribed in your email marketing tools, which saves you money by not having to pay for those contacts.

✔ 250 Free Verifications / Month

Start with a FREE account and get 250 FREE verifications each month. Upgrade your subscription or purchase pay-as-you-go verifications as you need them.

✔ Going the extra mile!

Our support team is here to help you! We're quickest to respond Monday-Friday, from 9am-5pm EST.

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Emailable - Email Verification reviews

9 reviews
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Tried integrating with Shopify and Mailchimp. Tried to initiate first email scan. Stopped me from initiating the scan because it said not enough credits, and asks you to buy credits. App says first 250 verifications are supposed to be free, but if your account contains more than 250 contacts then it won't even start scanning. Basically, it renders the "free trial" useless. Sent 2 emails asking for support. Support hasn't been able to give me any answers despite advertising the first 250 verifications are "free". How are they free if the verification scan doesn't start?


Excellent app, we have been using it in combination with Rare.io and are very happy with the results. It helps to keep our lists clean, lowers bounce rates and ensures that we don't end up in the spam folder!

Devon White
Women's Fashion & Designer Swimwear


Easy to use app that does what it says. Good and responsive support as well!


Removed undeliverable emails through shopify account in a breeze. Flagged risky and unknown for me to sort through and remove manually. thanks Team for your app. B


Emailable is totally awesome! I had a ton of contacts from a previous store that I just didn't feel confident were all legitimate anymore. Within minutes I had a completely verified list and was able to weed out the junk! SO EASY!


The must have app for all online stores to protect your marketing lists from spam and bad addresses. Easy to install and integrates with our MailChimp account. Keeps our customer and email lists clean. LOVE IT!


Great user friendly app. I didn't know your email deliverability could get penalized for having undeliverable emails! This app is a must.


Great tool to protect your email deliverability and domain reputation. We use it verify our Shopify customer list and several marketing lists from MailChimp. It allows us to cleanse our lists and prevent future bouncing.


It's amazing how we can see many of our emails are undeliverable! Great for cleaning our prospect list and ensure we email to valid recipients. Good job!

From $0.00 / month

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