Thank You Email by Autoketing

Thank You Email by Autoketing

by Autoketing

Automated thank-you emails to your customers to boost sales

4.6 of 5 stars(26 reviews)

A sincere interest

Send automated thank-you emails to your customers through our smart platform.

Enthusiastic customer care

Create a professional customer care style, build trust and improve communication with customers.

Save on advertising costs

Make a good impression, close relationship with each customer and save on brand advertising costs.

About Thank You Email by Autoketing

Thank You Email by Autoketing with useful features:

  • Express your interest to each customer
  • Automatically send an thank-you email after customers subscribe or make a purchase
  • Suggest email content
  • Adjust email delivery time
  • Show the number of emails sent and emails opened
  • Promote your brand in every email
  • Save time and money on advertising
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to use

1. The simplest way to say thanks, express your concern and connect effectively with each customer

Customer’s trust for a business or online store can come from the smallest things. A sincere interest also will bring great joy to your customers. How to take care of your customers better? Let Thank You Email by Autoketing carry out its mission!

Thank You Email will help you send a sincere thanks to your customers automatically through our system after they subscribe or make a purchase on your store within 30 minutes. You can adjust the time to send emails from 0 to 60 minutes or use the default time on our system (30 minutes). This also is the first step to create a personal touch and build trust with your customers.

A sincere welcome email can help customers feel your respect and foster a long-term relationship with each customer. This also creates a good impression from the first time between you and your customers.

In particular, emails with your brand name may appear repeatedly in the customer's inbox. They can help you build brand and remind customers about your online store.

2. Why does Thank You Email by Autoketing attract store owners?

  • Just one simple click, a sincere thank-you email will be sent to your customers. Use easily and bring high efficiency.
  • Build a good impression with customers when they shop at your online store. Express respect and sincere attention to each customer.
  • Save time and cost for customer care services and advertise your brand. Stimulate shopping and build a loyal customer community.

Integrates with

  • facebook-chat-box,
  • sales-pop-master,
  • currency-converter-master,
  • Email marketing,
  • Privy

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Overall rating
4.6 of 5 stars
Based on 26 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Classic Blueprint

I was unable to locate if there was a preview option and thereby confused how it would look when emailed to customers. I would recommend.

Buy Attire

The app works perfect and it allows you to customize the email that it sends to users fully, which is exactly what I require.

In case any of you crazy new store owners out there are new to this. I have done these things in my email to boost sales:

1. Given the customers a 15% (big) lifetime discount link to click so whenever they come back to the store, they can receive a huge 15% discount on top of our already highly discounted prices. This endorses the customer to keep coming back. I put a $125 minimum spend condition on the discount to ensure I make a nice profit every time they use it.

2. I also asked the customers to "spread the word" about our company if they picked up a good deal. This is free viral word of mouth advertising that you can't pay enough for. If you do not make this call to action, then most customers will not actually think about doing it and you will fail to get free advertising for your store.

3. I also edited the automated text options in the email, for example, this app was trying to put my "Shopify URL" as my company URL, so I deleted their "auto text syntax" and replaced it with a linked URL to my custom domain my store is located on.

4. I added a picture of me and a partner of mine in the logo section and wrote the email as if it was coming from myself (the store owner) instead of from a standard store "not life-like" automated mailing system.

So to summarize, if you take the time to edit the email that this app sends to customers and possibly implement some of the things above you will succeed with this app and keep it for life.

Cheers, 5 stars for customizability!

By the way... "What the"...

This app asks you to leave a review before you actually test it out, that's not good, you guys should make a delay of a few days or weeks (or wait until the app has actually sent a few emails to customers) before you prompt your users to leave a review. Not Cool.


great app!
works fine all the time...................................................................................................