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10. Mai 2019

After getting through the setup and approval, I started some shopping campaigns and used the competitor check. So far my campaigns have better roi than the ones I setup on Google Adwords- let's see where it goes

Barton Electronic
10 monate mit der App
emarketing AG hat geantwortet 30. Juni 2020

Hello Barton Electronic,

Thank you very much for your positive feedback!
We cordially invite you to try out the latest emarketing tools!
Like for example the Market Analyzer or the Dynamic Repricing that will boost your shop!

Best regards,

Your emarketing team

29. September 2021

Excellent App. I am very happy. All was working well. I am also using the Repricing functionality (Google Automated Discounts). The emarketing team was providing a proper support and gave the right advises. My ROAS increased by 30%.

8 monate mit der App
10. September 2018

Makes sure my shop is ready for Google Shopping. Creates all accounts and trackers automatically. Performance for Google looks great for the first weeks, lets see how it develops

Vereinigte Staaten
5 monate mit der App
24. Januar 2019

The must have tool to setup Google Shopping! I tried several tools in the past offering a similar services but was more or less always disappointed. NOT this time!

The emarketing-app creates a Google Adwords Account and a Google Merchant Center in a couple of minutes and then pulls all product-details right from your shop to create a Campaign. On top of that emarketing offers SSC (Smart Shopping Campaigns). Have not seen anyone doing that through an app. Normally you pay 1000 EUR+ or more to an agency doing that for you.

@emarketing: Getting all products uploaded to your app is a bit tricky but still worth the effort. Would be great if you could streamline that process and make it as easy as the campaign creation.

@All: This app is totally underrated and definitely has what it takes to be listed as the #1 tool to create Google Shopping Ads here on shopify!

4 monate mit der App
30. Juni 2022

DO NOT USE THIS APP. This app is created so many problems for us and costs us tens of thousands of dollars and hours of time. Shopify confirmed that it created duplicates of products, changed other products to out of stock that were in stock, which took us hours to fix and lead to lost sales. Even worse, the tracking it installed showed twice as many sales as were true, which caused us to way overspend on ads based on this inaccurate data. When I emailed them about this issue, NO ONE REPLIED. There are 6 or 7 people on the email chain and I emailed 3 times. Nothing. Terrible product and service.

Vereinigte Staaten
3 monate mit der App
emarketing AG hat geantwortet 27. April 2023

This merchant was participating in a Beta program from Google. The app version installed to their shop was beta and thus not reflecting the usual behavior of the emarketing app. The product duplication mentioned was part of that beta and was communicated during the onboarding process. The app offered here is if course the official version and will not duplicate any products or harm your shop in any way.

9. Mai 2019

I just installed it but it's pretty easy to use. I was a little reluctant to set up google shopping bc I haven't done it before, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to set up the campaigns. As far as the customer service thing goes, I did have some questions about which campaign to go with (google shopping vs advanced) but when I reached out to customer service, they got back to me in like 5 min. The competitor data tool was really helpful. I'm not selling internationally so I didn't use the international tools. Started some smart campaigns, excited to see how it works

Highline Jewel
2 monate mit der App
9. Oktober 2021

Komplette Abzocke, 0 Verkauf durch emarketing, Geld zurück Garantie konnte keiner weiterhelfen, für alle denen 200€ im Monat viel Wert sind und nicht in den Müll werfen wollen würde ich es abraten

Onlineshop mit Qualität und Präzision.
2 monate mit der App
emarketing AG hat geantwortet 11. Oktober 2021

Leider hat dieser Nutzer nicht verstanden, dass emarketing keine Produkte verkauft. Über die emarketing-Plattform können Produkte aus dem Shop importiert und zu Google, Facebook etc. hochgeladen und dort beworben werden. Dies hat auch funktioniert, Werbung wurde geschaltet, Nutzer haben daraufhin den Shop besucht. Wenn Nutzer anschließend nicht kaufen, kann das verschiedene Gründe haben, die Bewerbung der Produkte hat aber einwandfrei funktioniert. emarketing hat versucht, dem Nutzer Tipps zu geben, um den gewünschten Erfolg zu erzielen. Beispielsweise wurde vom Nutzer eine viel zu hohe Produktanzahl mit einem sehr niedrigen Budget beworben. Dass Systeme, die auf machine learning basieren, Daten benötigen, um Kampagnen zu optimieren, wurde mehrfach und ausführlich erklärt, vom Nutzer aber in keiner Weise angenommen. Sämtliche Beratungsangebote an den Nutzer blieben entweder unbeantwortet oder wurden ignoriert. Wer so handelt, wird seinen Shop niemals erfolgreich betreiben können. Wir wünschen trotzdem viel Erfolg!

1. Januar 2019

Honestly, if you don't have this app you are 100% missing a serious trick here. Not only can it run your ads for Google, Facebook and Amazon - yeah yeah everyone does it. But, this is where it's FLIPPIN brilliant - how handy you can cross reference your prices with that of your competitors?

What about if you want to just see who you are more expensive than? Yeah, you can do that and you can ask it to show with ad expenses, with and without conversions.

Don't be fooled by what is a simplified dashboard - once you're in and products approved it's like going through the wardrobe in chronicles of narnia!


How it's free i don't know, but good work guys - SUPER impressed.

Oscar & Friends
Vereinigtes Königreich
Etwa ein monat mit der App
29. Januar 2021

In the beginning it was quite tricky to understand all features provided. Specially the competitor prices, etc. All in all this tool is extremely powerful. But you definitely need to contact a Success Manager who explains you the tool and does the setup for you. Support was very helpful and did a good job.

Etwa ein monat mit der App
5. November 2019

I installed the app becouse I believed in the purpose of it. It sound perfect. After I installation, appear an error. I reported to the support team. I get one first answer but the problem still there. Then, I tried to open in another browser (explorer) and worked.
I reported to the team what could be the problem (the app does not works well on Chrome broswer) and after more than 3 days, no one answered. How is it possible to trust on a app that not works propally and the team seems not to care about it... (even when I reported what I though the couse of the error).
I did read all the feedback, but I decided to get a shot and try it. What a waste of my time. TO ALL ECOMMERCE STORES.... DON'T EVEN BOTHER TO INSTALL IT.

6 tage mit der App
emarketing AG hat geantwortet 30. Juni 2020

Hello, Laromi,

We are very sorry to hear what a negative experience you had with our app and especially with our service team!
This should never happen and we understand your indignation at this point and apologize!
We have trained our staff intensively over the last year to handle such negative experiences.
Thank you very much for your feedback that helped us to improve.

Best regards,

Your emarketing team!