Embargo Shield

Embargo Shield


Do you know who your customers are? Become legal compliant now

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Your business always meets the legal requirements thanks to Embargo Shield.


Any order will be immediately reviewed for sanctions or embargoes and escalated in the event of a match.

Risk & Security

Minimize the latent risk of being subject to high penalties from official authorities or getting listed as a terrorist supporter.

有關 Embargo Shield

What most people do not know:

Disregarding sanction and embargo lists in your or other allied countries can result in you or your company being listed as a terrorist supporter. This has far-reaching and unpredictable consequences.

Avoid unconscious violations of sanctions.

We know how difficult it is to keep pace with rapidly changing sanction and embargo policies. Our service is designed to help you stay up to date. Every Time.

We are connected to the major national and international authorities and have one of the most advanced search databases on sanctions lists. The multiple daily synchronization of the lists with the authorities ensures that your company is best protected against sanctioned persons, companies and other groups.

Avoid significant fines.

The use of our Embargo Shield protects you in the best possible way from potential fines by authorities. Government fines range from a few thousand to hundreds of millions plus possible jail sentences.

Avoid massive efforts.

Our Embargo Shield helps you track the many global economic sanctions by not only facilitating the identification of sanctioned individuals, but also monitoring political and regulatory developments and integrating them into our search algorithms. Each order is simultaneously compared with the e-commerce-relevant sanction lists. The Embargo Shield currently includes the United Nations, the consolidated sanctions lists of the US OFAC and the European Commission.

Our Embargo Shield currently includes sanctions lists of the following authorities

  • U.S. Department of the Treasury OFAC consolidated sanctions list
    • List of foreign law enforcement authorities (FSE)
    • List of Sectoral Identifications of Sanctions (SSI)
    • List of the Palestinian Legislative Council (NS-PLC)
    • The list of foreign financial institutions subject to Part 561 (the Part 561 list).
    • List of non-SDN Iranian Sanction Laws (NS-ISA)
  • Consolidated sanctions list of the United Nations Security Council
    • Somalia Sanctions List
    • ISIL & Al-Qaeda Sanctions List
    • Democratic Rep. of the Congo Sanctions List
    • The Sudan Sanctions List
    • Libya Sanctions List
    • Sanctions list Guinea-Bissau
    • South Sudan Sanctions List
    • Central African Republic Sanctions List
    • 1518 Iraq Sanctions List
    • 1636 Sanctions list
    • 1988 Sanctions list
    • 1718 Sanctions list of the DPRK
    • 2140 Yemen sanctions list
  • EU European Commission Financial sanctions Dossiers

More lists will be included shortly.



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I've Just heard about a situation where a shop owner ruined his whole business for sendig products to wrong people. This app protects you. It's easy to Install and easy to use. Service of software guys is friendly and timely. What more can you have?


Thanks beeclever for recommending this app :) It's a good feeling to be save in this case - especially when reading the news of Huaw...

Smart Solutions

I used this app to protect me against sanction list troubles. I do not know who my customers are, but embargo shield helped me out to have a compliant store. Just installed it and it works. Full automated process. Thanks to the beeclever Team to help out with this problem. A must have for everybody who will run a compliant store.