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Emizentech - FAQ for Products

Emizentech - FAQ for Products

Developed by Emizen Tech Pvt. Ltd.

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  • Helps your customers in knowing more about your products.
  • Easily create FAQs to help answer customer questions.
  • FAQ will be display on Product detail page in accordion style.

“Emizentech- FAQ for Products” is a wonderful application which enables you to add FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for any product. You can add dynamically different FAQs for each product. These FAQs will be displayed on Product description page according to the product. This app is going to increase your sales as FAQ is a set of information in the form of Questions and answers which gives the detailed description of the product.

What's the need of this app?

As you can add dynamic FAQ with your products by this app, and these FAQ on Product page helps your customers in knowing more about your products which leads to increase in your sale.

FAQ is a set of tentative questions which comes in the mind of buyers or your customers about your products. To clear these answers and to attract the customer towards your product, the admin can add good quality FAQ to satisfy their customer.

This app provides the facility not only to add FAQ but you can update and delete the old one.

How does this work?

  • Watch the Demo on youtube:https://youtu.be/ITiqB-dLorg

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  • Periwinkle-online FAQ

  • Gutermans FAQ

  • Monagstore

  • modasexyboutique

  • Features:

    • This app has a great feature of displaying your FAQ i.e., it will display the FAQ on Product Detail Page in jquery accordion style.

    • This app provides the admin functionality by which the admin can add the required FAQ with each of their product.

    • This app provides the functionality for it. Do you want to add the same FAQ on all products ?.

    • This app provides the functionality for it. Do you want to create FAQ page ?.

    • Here is another feature give to the admin which is edit or delete the FAQ. It means that the admin can edit the FAQ if required and can delete the same according to his/her requirement.

    • Emizentech-FAQ for Product provides a great functionality of expanding answers. You can expand your answers to the most frequently asked questions by which you can make your customer to know the best of your products.

    • This app has a one more attractive feature i.e., you can include text, links, images and videos in your answers for FAQs which attract more of your customers towards your products.

    • It is a mobile responsive app which means that it will work in all mobile devices with any technology. This app is not platform dependent.

    • By this app you can even style your FAQ posts by inserting custom CSS which gives a better user interface and leads to attraction of the customer. This is a brilliant feature which makes the FAQs more interesting while reading.

    • You can even make responsive FAQ design by this app which you can customize according to your lookout which will give a pleasant display for the customers and that leads to increase in sales of the products.

    Emizentech - FAQ for Products reviews

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    This app is a piece of absolute brilliance. I've been looking everywhere for a way to add a little extra unique info to some of my product pages, which stands apart from the product description. You can play around with where you put the little line of coding script on your product liquid. I found a way to display the FAQs right under the photos on the left if I want, or right under call to action, or anywhere really, as long as the script is carefully placed. I just so appreciate this app very much. Thank you. For now, you are solving one of my largest headaches. :-)

    UPDATE: I've emailed the app developer with no reply. Not all my products are loading into this app, so I cannot assign FAQs to many of my products. This is a limitation that has a negative impact on the intended use. I hope this issue is fixed ASAP. Thank you.

    UPDATE: I had to uninstall this app. It caused my multiple product photos to stop showing. Only the main product photo would show, and when clicking on subsequent photos, they didn't show up on my product page. Guru tech support told me to uninstall this app, and sure enough the problem was resolved.


    I could have given this app seven stars or more.. We've long been looking for an App that basically caters accordion type menus then suddenly we hit a jackpot on finding Emizentech right on time. Aside from being FREE, the app is smooth, simple to use and no coding/technical programming required. The technical support is superb thru Mr Vivek, he was able to modify the app to my request since he also thinks that this might as well be useful to other users.. kudos bro! thanks! ..all I can say now is everything is SIMPLY AMAZING! .. =)


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