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Emma for Shopify

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  • Sync your customer data with Emma automatically
  • Send targeted (and automated!) emails based on purchase details
  • Track purchase activity that comes from your emails

Get smarter about using email marketing to promote your Shopify store. Emma for Shopify gives you everything you need to connect with customers in meaningful ways and easily track your ROI. 

Sync your lists in just a few clicks. Setup is a snap, so within minutes, your customer data — including purchase history — appears in your Emma account.

Target the right customers with the right message. We’ll automatically segment your audience into groups based on purchase history, so you can target high-value or recent customers easily.

Automate thank you and rewards emails. Set up emails that send automatically based on a change in customer data, like number of purchases or spend, so you can reward your most loyal customers and keep them coming back to your store.

Track purchase activity that comes from your emails. Shopify purchases that result from clicked links in your emails are tracked in your Emma response, so you can instantly see the value of your email marketing.

With Emma for Shopify, you get two-way integration of your customer data, smart segmenting tools and powerful insights, *plus* access to everything that makes Emma a world-class ESP (email service provider):

  • Drag & drop design tools

  • Built-in mobile-ready template designs and mobile preview

  • Smart features like A/B/C subject line split testing and autoresponders

  • An industry-leading delivery rate of 99.2%

  • Award-winning customer support, design services and resources

Founded in 2003, Emma takes a unique approach to email marketing. We're out to make creating and sending emails the best part of your day.

Emma for Shopify reviews (1)


WAY TOO MUCH HASSLE ... let me explain though ...

My experience with Emma has been the following
1st - Hear about Emma through a Quora discussion, many said it was great at emailing current customers and segmenting them.
2nd - Try to install Emma in Shopify Store. Nope, it requires an Emma account, for which you have to personally chat with someone on the phone about your needs and potential uses of Emma.
3rd - (wait a few days) Get phone call, call them back, talk for 15 minutes, then they finally setup a free 14 day trial account.
4th - Go to login using the free trial emails, their website is down, can't login.
5th - (next day) Website back up, Login, it requires you to use a lost password email, for which had expired because I waited a day (because their servers were down). Then I have to use the lost password feature again to get a new URL. Finally login to account. (4 days had passed)
6th - Click on the App from Shopify Apps area, enter in my login credentials, it then asks me to import "accepts marketing" users into a new customer group. I go ahead, but the web server crashes with a "504 Gateway Time Out" on nginx 1.1.19 error message.
7th - Email customer service again, they say they are working on it and will contact when fixed.
8th - (next day) Finally try again because I hadn't heard back from customer service. The import action works this time, but only imports 11 contacts of over 200 that I have. I email customer support again.
9th - (two days later) Haven't heard back from customer support, so I contact them again, they say they are working on it.

Total of 8 days and I still haven't sent an email using Emma.

So far, Emma sucks from a user experience point of view. I'm sure the service has some amazing features and all in all the customer service has been pretty good. But at the end of the day this has been WAY TOO MUCH HASSLE just to send out an email to a segment of my list. I wouldn't have wasted 4-6 hours of my time had I just done it manually.

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Free-$420.00 / month
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