Video Gift Messaging

Video Gift Messaging

da Emotional Commerce

Allow customers to send a video message with their purchase

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New Revenue Stream

Create a new revenue stream by offering your customers the ability to record or upload a video message with their purchase for an added fee.

Personalized Experience

Bring your online shopping experience to life with an emotional touch.

Flexible Integration

Several fulfillment options as well as third party integrations make delivery easy regardless of your current fulfillment flow.

Su Video Gift Messaging

Emotional Commerce allows your customers to add a personal touch with each order through the submission of a secure video message at checkout, replacing the old written gift note.

Easy Integration and Delivery

The Emotional Commerce App works seamlessly within your purchase flow and fulfillment.

How It Works

Your customers will click a Video Gift Message call to action (button or banner) placed within your store and record or upload their video message. Following the order purchase, the video is automatically converted into a secure unique QR code which is securely sent back to your store within that customer's order. The App's fulfillment options allow for several avenues in delivering the video message both physically and digitally.


Our platform securely hosts all videos for customer protection and peace of mind.


The Emotional Commerce platform provides creative flexibility to customize the customer's entire video viewing experience from start to finish. Edit and design your Themes surrounding the videos for customer personalization and brand marketing.

Theme features:

  • Call to Action button
  • Logo and text placements
  • Font and color choices
  • Background patterns and images
  • Social icons
  • URL white label
  • Brand Ownership

This curated experience showcases your brand identity while ensuring a positive correlation between your brand and the video message.


Utilize multiple actionable touch-points to send the recipient to your desired destination.

Point of Differentiation

Stand out among your competitors and move into the future with the addition of shareable video content. The option to attach a video message to a gift enhances your overall CX while increasing brand visibility to the gift recipients.

Added Revenue

Convert emotions into dollars with the ability to monetize Emotional Commerce video messages.

Si integra con

  • API,
  • Custom eComm Sites

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Installazione gratuita

First 10 checkouts FREE. Set your own selling price. $.95 per checkout charge.

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