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Customizable Thank You Message

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Free To Install and Use

Free to install and absolutely free to use. Super easy setup and really simple User Interface.

Customizable Message

Add personalized title and message and show it on order confirmation page.

Default Message

If you don't add your customize title and message, we will show default message on your behalf.

Over Emwish

Increase engagement & lifetime value

The shopper experience shouldn't end at checkout. As an online merchant, you must always work to enhance every shopper's lifetime value, and that commences as soon as they have completed an order.

When you have their full attention, the order confirmation page (or "thank you page") is a perfect opportunity to engage your customers. It should provide the necessary information, as well as any other information or recommendations that are useful.

What is Emwish?

Emwish lets you show a personalized message on the order confirmation page. Tell your customer about what to expect after placing the order. Emwish takes seconds to install and requires no coding knowledge whatsoever.

You can easily change your message anytime and anywhere. For starters, we have added a default message which you can change by adding your message in the app.

Premium customer support

Emwish is rock-solid, easy to use, and requires no code changes or customer support to get started. However, if you ever need a hand with anything, please just let our customer support team know and we'll be happy to help!





5.0 van 5 sterren

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Great customer service and app. This app has much more to it than I Initially;y thought and the customer service from Ryan was exceptional! thank you team!

Media Maven Marketing

A friend of mine showed me this app and since then I use it.What a great app, I absolutely love it. It improves my store so much.

McKingin Official Online Store

Really great app and very well worth your money. The support staffs was really fast and helpful as well. Don't hesitate to download this app.