Customer Loyalty Accelerator

Customer Loyalty Accelerator

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The Easiest Way to More Money is from Return Customer Spending

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Easiest Way to More Money

The easiest way for Shopify merchants to lower costs and earn more money is to motivate loyal customer return spending with CLA.

Dramatic Revenue Growth

This boutique used CLA to increase sales of returning customers by 1500% in just 3 months with the power of instant in-store credits!

90-Day FREE Trial Period

We offer an unprecedented 90-Day FREE Trial period, making it entirely free to verify CLA significantly increases your shop's sales.

Su Customer Loyalty Accelerator

Why is Customer Loyalty Accelerator the Best Rewards Program for your Store?

Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) is an “instantly-redeemable” in-store credit loyalty rewards program that will dramatically increase return customer visits and higher spending. The beauty of CLA is in the simplicity and immediacy of its reward system, which motivates your customers to spend even more!

CLA is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Earn More Money

The key to CLA's success: it's been proven, loyalty programs offering in-store credits as rewards have a higher success rate. Leading retailers like Amazon, Costco, Kohl's and Walgreens are using the power of store credits to motivate and reward high-value customer return spending. Instead of reducing brand value by offering coupons, points or markdowns, you encourage return visits by rewarding your customers with instantly-redeemable, store credits. CLA easily integrates with your Shopify E-Commerce platform and POS systems, and the simple user-interface makes it easy to:

  • Digitally identify your customers
  • Reward customers with instantly-redeemable, store credits
  • Redeem reward balances as a discount at checkout
  • Get actionable data for targeted product marketing campaigns
  • Increase customer loyalty & sales

One of the Best Trial Plans Ever Offered!

We offer a 90-Day FREE Trial to prove the value of CLA's instantly-redeemable rewards at no risk to you. The Starter Plan includes:

  • 90-Day FREE Trial with all subscription fees & redeemed rewards funded by CLA
  • Simple user-interface makes CLA easy to setup & use
  • Accurate contact information for effective marketing to your loyalty program customers
  • Detailed loyalty rewards program reports
  • Support tuning your loyalty program for optimal results
  • Printed rewards cards (optional) for in-person sales with POS

How CLA works

  • You set the reward amount, expiration time & sales target for your shop
  • CLA's incentives motivate customers to enroll & participate in your shop's loyalty rewards program
  • CLA keeps it simple by treating rewards as in-store credits with your shop
  • Customers earn rewards instantly with account creation, purchases, birthdays and enrollment anniversaries
  • Customers redeem unexpired rewards as discounts on purchases in your shop
  • CLA monitors activity, adjusts reward account balances & sends customer reminders
  • Online Dashboard at for viewing your shop's account activity

Do You Need an Additional Feature?

If you want to suggest a new feature, then contact us by phone, email or through our website. We value your feedback and will work with you to improve our product.

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Starter Plan


  • FREE Trial extended to 90-days!

  • Digital customer contact data

  • Customer activity reports

  • Help tailoring a program to your business needs

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