Customer Loyalty Accelerator

Customer Loyalty Accelerator

door Encore Incentives

The Easiest Way to More Money is from Return Customer Spending

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Easiest Way to More Money

Customers gladly provide their contact information, then you easily motivate higher spending through the loyalty of return customer visits.

Dramatic Revenue Growth

The boutique used CLA incentives to increase sales of returning customers by 1500% in just 3 months! Our 3-month trial validates our value!

3-Month FREE Trial Period

We extend our FREE Trial period to an unprecedented 3 months, making it entirely free to verify CLA rewards increases your shop's sales.

Over Customer Loyalty Accelerator

What Can Customer Loyalty Accelerator Do for You?

Customer Loyalty Accelerator (CLA) provides you all the rewards, reports and incentives needed to run your own digital loyalty and marketing program. CLA is an instant rewards loyalty program, offering you an easy-to-use application for identifying your valued customers, personalizing their shopping experience and providing cash incentives to increase return customer visits and higher spending. CLA is simply, the easiest and fastest way to more money!

CLA is the Easiest and Fastest Way to More Money

The key to CLA’s success is that loyalty programs offering cash rewards as incentives are proven to have a far higher sign-up rate, and returning customers are proven to spend a lot more than new ones. Leading retailers like Costco, Amazon and others are now using the power of cash rewards to motivate return customer visits. Instead of offering coupons, points or markdowns, you encourage return visits by rewarding your customers with cash incentives. CLA seamlessly integrates with Shopify POS, and the simple user-interface makes it easy to:

  • Digitally identify your customers
  • Provide incentives for return visits and increased customer spending with cash rewards
  • Provide and redeem cash rewards at the point-of-sale
  • Get actionable data for targeted product marketing campaigns
  • Empower your team to increase loyalty and customer sales

One of the Best Trial Plans Ever Offered!

We offer an unprecedented 3-Month FREE Trial to prove the value of CLA's cash rewards at no risk to you. The Starter Plan includes:

  • 3-Month FREE Trial with subscription fees & cash rewards funded by CLA (We reimburse you for the additional 2 months of subscription fees)
  • Simple user-interface with guidance and tool tips, making CLA easy to setup and use
  • Accurate contact information for your loyalty program customers
  • Detailed loyalty rewards program spending reports
  • Support fine-tuning your loyalty program for optimal results with cash incentives
  • CLA Rewards Cards printed with your store's logo (optional)

How CLA works

  • You control the cash incentive by setting your program's Rewards Parameters
  • You activate CLA Rewards Cards and issue them to customers
  • Customers register their cards by exchanging contact information for a reward
  • Customers redeem their loyalty rewards with in-store purchases
  • Customers earn additional loyalty rewards through additional purchases
  • We monitor CLA reward activity, adjust card balances and create reports
  • We provide you with an Online Dashboard for viewing your account

Do You Need an Additional Feature?

If you want to suggest a new feature, then contact us by phone, email or through our website. We value your feedback and will work with you to improve our product.

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Starter Plan


  • FREE Trial extended to 3 months!

  • Digital customer contact data

  • Customer activity reports

  • Help tailoring a program to your business needs

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