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GAMIFY - Interactive Marketing

GAMIFY - Interactive Marketing

Developed by Skinnyprice

6 reviews
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  • Drive more customers to your store (Increase click through rate)
  • Have customers engage on your site for longer (Increase engagement)
  • Get more customers to make a purchases (Increase conversions)

Gamify - Engage your customers with interactive marketing

★ Increase your CTR

Gamify is the cure for "Sales Fatigue".

People today are overwhelmed with promotions from retailers. When they see
another email offering 20% off or an online ad for a
"20% sale, this weekend only", they are just as likely to delete or ignore the
information, as they are to investigate further.

Do they still want discounts? Of course they do.

So how do you get customers to click on your email or ad?

Gamify's technology is proven to increase CTR by tapping into basic principles
of human psychology.

Humans are naturally curious. We are intrigued by a bit of mystery, surprise.
We want to know what other people are doing, and we don't want to miss out on
a deal that someone else might be getting.

★ Increase your engagement

Gamify turns your marketing into interactive games that harness this natural
curiosity in your favor.

Instead of merely informing customers about your 20% off sale, for example,
Gamify transforms this information into a surprise reveal/game.

Now you can send out an email or ad unit that would say:

"Scratch & Save SURPRISE SALE, scratch-off to reveal!"

"Spin & Save, Click to find out what your are missing out on!"

Gamify converts a boring advertisement or email into a flashy Vegas slot
machine or lottery scratch ticket, driving more engagement. The discount is
revealed only after the customer "pulls" the lever or scratches to reveal,
rewarding their curiosity.

Scratch-Off Example

Slot Machine Example

Click Here to Download Template Files

★ Increase your revenue

Increase CTR + Engagement = Higher Conversion Rate

Research has shown that more engaged customers are more likely to make

Gamify drives more traffic to your site because customers directly interact
with your marketing. Instead of being deleted or ignored, your promotions
have become intriguing and fun. You've not only captured your customers'
attention by piquing natural curiosity, but also drawn on another natural
human tendency—the motivational power of positive feelings—to achieve your
next goal: making a sale.

Customer purchasing decisions are based on emotion as well as rationality.
When people are pleasantly intrigued or surprised, they experience positive
emotions. Customers who interact with your "gamified" marketing will spend
more time on your site, remember your products, look forward to your
promotions, and spend more money.

★ Current features

  • Electronic scratch-off card to reveal sales promotion

  • Slot machine to reveal sales discount amount

★ New features delivered monthly

  • Coming next month (Pull and Peel to reveal)

  • In 2 months (Solve puzzle to reveal)

  • In 3 months (Answer trivia question to reveal)

  • Each month a new game or activity becomes available

★ Pricing

*** FREE during Beta ***

Thereafter, pricing model is:

Pricing tied to results. Free for the first 1,000 impressions then after it is
a tiered pricing on impression basis. More impressions driven the lower the
cost per impression.

Impressions per month .......... Cost per impression

1 - 1,000 ............................................ FREE

1,001 - 10,000 ................................ $.005

10,001 - 100,000 ........................... $.0025

100,001 - 500,000 ....................... $.002

500,000 + ...................................... $.001

★ Why now

Get free updates for life. As the number of games increases, we will
eventually charge higher prices per impression for new Shopify storeowners.
However, prices will remain the same for our original users so download Gamify
now and lock in your rate!

GAMIFY - Interactive Marketing reviews

6 reviews
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  5. 1 star (1 review)

We need to have the option to be able to collect emails in return for the discount code...


How to set this up is as clear as mud and not intuitive in the least. I clicked on the help link and nothing was accessed. I clicked on it again. Same thing. I switched to desktop view. Same thing.

I'm in an Android environment.

Update from 1 star to 3 stars. The video above is a must watch if you're going to configure this app. I'm disappointed that it apparently doesn't put the Promo on the home page, only ordinary other landing pages.


Fun App! Really enjoying it. Can't wait for other games.
It would be cool to see varying discounts. Lets say the possibility to get 5% or 10% or 15% off.


Great app works well. https://www.kinkytoy.store


Love it. Dan and his team are the best. Great customer support and great app.


Awesome free app! Love it! easy to customize with your pictures we use it as a contest and in emails! Can't wait to see new features every month a big 5 for this free app!!! Great for small businesses


Free for the beta testing

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