ENKEL Swipe To Cart

ENKEL Swipe To Cart


Diversify your product page & give new shopping experience


Diversify your product page

By providing a new way of purchasing, you diversify your product page from rest of the crowd.

Make your store memorable

Customers remember the stores that stand out from the crowd, by having Swipe To Cart feature, you make your store memorable.

New shopping experience

Unlike old boring Add To Cart buttons, Swipe To Cart Sliders will give your customers a new shopping experience.

有關 ENKEL Swipe To Cart

Why choose ENKEL Swipe To Cart app?

E Commerce is getting crowded, there are millions of stores around the world and people are constantly seeing the same types of websites over and over again. While it's a good thing to keep your store similar to the other stores in order to keep it user friendly, there is also the need for Diversifying your store in subtle ways so that you can stand out from the crowd by providing a new shopping experience without hampering the user experience.

That is where ENKEL Swipe To Cart app comes in, it provides you with a very elegant and classy looking swipe slider that the customer can use in order to add your product to their cart. It'll not only be a new experience for them, but it will also be memorable.

Provide seamless shopping experience

Swiping is the default way of interacting with a mobile device, hence the customers will have a seamless experience. With 5 unique slider templates to choose from and with the ability to customize them to fit your brand's design, you'll have a swipe slider that fits seamlessly with your store. On top of that the ENKEL Swipe To Cart app uses external script so that even if you decide to uninstall the app, you'll not have any leftover code that'll slow down your website. And with our top tier customer support, you'll have an expert by your side when you need any help. Also, our app is free for all development stores, so Shopify Partners can use our app for free.

Overview of the key benefits

  • Diversify your store from rest of the crowd. Provide a new shopping experience.
  • Swiping is the default way of interacting with a mobile device, hence the customers will have a seamless experience.
  • It comes with 5 different templates all of which are fully customizable according your brand's needs.
  • Simple 1 click setup and fully ready to go.
  • Top tier customer support.
  • Free for development stores.

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Swipe To Cart Pro

每月 $9.99

  • Store diversification
  • 5 premium templates
  • Simple 1 click setup
  • Top tier customer support
  • Free for development stores

Development Plan


  • This app is free for all stores on development plan

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