Enquire Post Purchase Survey

Enquire Post Purchase Survey

da EnquireLabs

Post-purchase surveys for attribution, CRO, & personalization

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Post-Purchase Survey Questions

A branded post-purchase order confirmation page survey boasting 50%+ completion rates with multiple choice & open-ended follow-up questions.

People-Powered Attribution

Most of your revenue can't be attributed by pixels alone. Let your customers be your attribution reality check & watch marketing ROI soar.

Segmented Emails Campaigns

Survey data is the secret ingredient to conversion rate optimization (CRO); from sending segmented emails to optimizing on-site copy.

Sobre Enquire Post Purchase Survey

Add an EnquireLabs' Post-Purchase Survey to your checkout & get 14 free days of customer survey insights. Trusted by 500+ Shopify Plus stores!

Install the number one rated post-purchase survey app and start building your proprietary dataset of customer insights for free; we're confident they'll show you the value that brands like Outdoor Voices, Mack Weldon, and Boll & Branch get from their EnquireLabs' post-purchase surveys every day.

Works with both Shopify and Shopify Plus order confirmation pages!

What Can You Do With Post-Purchase Surveys?

  • Marketing Attribution: Ask "How did you hear about us?" or "When did you first hear about us?" to get attribution feedback direct from your customers. Follow up customer responses with open-ended or multiple choice questions.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Ask "Why did you place an order today? or "How was your shopping experience?" to gather insights on ways to optimize your website shopping experience and increase conversion rates. Use open-ended questions as follow-ups to suss out the details!
  • Personalization & Segmentation - Ask "Is this a gift?" or "How would you describe yourself?" & push the responses to your email service provider (e.g. Klaviyo) to automate personalized flows to increase ROI.
  • Customer Research - Ask "What product should we make next" or "What age group our you in?" to learn more about your customers, optimize your product roadmap, & increase customer LTV.

Features Overview

  • Customize your survey question from our default “How did you hear about us?” attribution survey to one built for conversion rate optimization (CRO), email segmentation, or customer research.
  • Add open-ended or multiple choice follow-up questions to improve clarity of responses. (i.e. "How did you hear about us? Influencer. "Which influencer?")
  • Randomize the order of responses

Compare Survey Responses With Last-Click Referral Sources & UTM Parameters

For improved attribution modeling, compare survey responses to referring URL & UTM parameters. Surface valuable insights like "Heard from a friend" and converted via a Google Search Ad.


  • Alloy Automation
  • CartHook
  • Google Analytics
  • Klaviyo
  • Recharge Payments
  • Rockerbox
  • Shopify Flow

The Power of "Where Did You Hear About Us?"

With many of your orders coming from direct and branded search, it’s difficult to understand what’s really working. Attribution is not so simple! By asking your customers where they heard about you, you'll receive insights into what’s working and what isn't. Whether you're advertising via Influencers, Podcasts, or TikTok, once implemented a post-purchase attribution survey will become part of your marketing arsenal.

Coming Soon

  • Question Streams

Integração com

  • Google Analytics,
  • Recharge,
  • Shopify Flow,
  • google tag manager,
  • Klaviyo,
  • Carthook

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  • ReCharge

  • Shopify Flow

  • Rockerbox



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I've never reviewed an app before, but the service from Enquire was so good I immediately sat down to write this after speaking with them for less than a minute. First of all, the app itself works flawlessly. Second, the customers are FAR more likely to answer this survey than anything else I've tried. We have a 60%(!) completion rate. If you want to get to know your customers, this is by FAR the best survey method I've found. Think about that, when can you get 60% of your customers to do ANYTHING, let alone answer a survey? And finally, when I had a question and reached out to Enquire, not only did they answer promptly (despite the fact that I messaged at an odd time!), they actually went the extra mile, with such excellent service that I felt compelled to write this. If you want highly accurate data about your customers from a company with excellent customer service that wants you to succeed, you've found it with this app.

ROKA Sports Inc.

This app is easy to set up and use, and it provides important data that we use to calibrate and validate our marketing attribution models. From the user's perspective, it's non-invasive, as evidenced by the high response rates we're able to maintain.


This app is super easy to set up. It's helping us getting very useful information about our customers. It would be just perfect if you could show the survey in a different language according to the customer's shipping/billing country.
Still, highly recommended!