Entaice Collection Sorter

Entaice Collection Sorter


Drive incremental sales with intelligent collection sorting

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Increase Sales

Earn more revenue by showing shoppers products they love

Higher Sell Through

Efficiently sell inventory in high stock products

Easy Merchandising

Easily merchandise sites with hundreds of collections or products

Entaice Collection Sorter 정보

Entaice optimizes your collections automatically to help your store sell more. With Entaice, you can:

Show customers what they want to buy

Entaice sorts your products how you would if you could clone yourself and work 24/7. It uses the most up-date-to product performance and inventory data to:

  • Push out-of-stock products to the end
  • Prioritize hero products that drive sales
  • Promote trending products you'd never expect

Create on-brand listings on the fly

Entaice can group your products by attributes like color, brand, type, and tags to make sure that visually-similar styles are displayed together. Now you don't have to choose between aesthetics and business goals.

Spend your time on strategy, not sorting

Entaice replaces drag and drop interfaces with a simple UI so you can automate away your collection sorting tasks. Never manually arrange a collection with several hundred products again.

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$0.01 per collection view ($0.00 for the first 30 days)

5.0 별 5개 중

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Big Girls Don't Cry (Anymore)

This app is a hidden Gem. We have a large catalog, with lots of collections and products. The app auto-merchandises the products in the collection, using AI so that the items most likely to sell are shown at the top. With really clever features like demoting items with most sizes sold out, and grouping products by look we love it

The Imagination Tree Store

Unbelievably Powerful! Entaice has had a profoundly positive impact on our ROI. I don't think I've ever taken the time to write a review on the App Store before, but I certainly will this time because we couldn't be happier! It's such a simple concept: Take a powerful set of algorithms and use them to rejig the order in which visitors see the products in our store to maximise revenue. It sounded too good to be true, and I was skeptical but I'd been recommended this app by a very credible developer friend and so of course we tried it. We've seen a huge percentage increase in our sales since implementing Entaice. And by implementing, I mean we have stood back and let it do its thing - it's so easy to set up and run. Before installing, I contacted their support team as I had a couple of questions, and they couldn't have been more helpful which, as I've learned from experience, is absolutely key. We have been a merchant on Shopify for over 5 years, I've used dozens of apps, and can say with complete confidence that this is by far the best app we've ever come across. Still can't believe what a difference it is making to our sales, I can't recommend highly enough. Best of luck! Ben