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Cozy Social Proof

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Sale Pop urgency, Social Proof, Sales Popup, Sale Notification

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Makes Envy

Show recent sales notifications to other potential customers.

Build Trust

Create an instant social proof by showing it as an active store.

Create Urgency

Display inventory left in notifications like only X left.

Über Cozy Social Proof

Our App Is Optimised For Very Heavy Traffic Stores

What is Cozy Recent Sales Notification?

Cozy Recent Sales notification adds a recent sales popup, or live sales notification (by reading your recent orders) to your site which makes it easier for customers to stick around and continue shopping. Our app uses social proof and FOMO (“fear of missing out”) to its advantage showing your visitors that other people just like them are not only visiting your store but also buying your products. This app will help you show off all of the customers who are already voting in your favour by making purchases to other potential customers.

Benefits of using Cozy Recent Sales Notification

Build Trust

Customers want proof from unbiased third parties and that’s why most of the customers prefer reading reviews before buying. Reviews are 12 times more trusted than any sales pitch you provide. Cozy Recent Sales Notification will let you show verified site activity on any page of your site, without needing to wait for shoppers to find product reviews.

Help Visitors Make Decision

If a shopper is hanging out on a product page, trying to decide if they want to purchase one product or another, seeing a recent sales notification can be just the push they need to make a decision.

Inspire a Sense of Urgency

Cozy Recent sales popups are also a great way to use FOMO to drive sales and other actions. Seeing a lot of activity for a product they’re interested in could be enough to trigger a shopper to buy before they miss out!

Increase Conversions

Cozy Recent Sales Notifications can boost your conversion rates. This is possible because you’re able to direct visitors’ attention and drive them towards the products you want them to purchase or the actions you want them to take. This will, in turn, reduce customers’ hesitation and cart abandonment.

App Features

Recommendations Notifications

Cozy Social Proof picks products from your store to show your customers potential products that they can buy. This way, if you have a new store, you can use these notifications to make sales.

Customize Color

Cozy Social Proof comes up with colour customization which will help you display sales notification in colour of your choice.

Multiple Themes

Cozy Social Proof comes up with 10+ themes to choose from. These themes display recent sales notifications in different ways.

Fine Tune

Cozy Social Proof gives full control of various time settings. For example, you can choose when to start displaying notifications, for how many seconds and what should be the difference between each notification.

Why choose Cozy?

•No Branding: We don't advertise on your website. •Great support: We travel an extra mile to provide support to our customers. •Highly scalable

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5.0 von 5 Sternen

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The application is suitable for all needs. The app offers numerous customizations. Despite everything the translation is not perfect, it is intuitive and for this I deserve the 5 stars


i use this app. i'm very happy with it. it's very simple to use. I advise everyone to try it ! very good.

Glow Fashion Boutique

This app is easy to install and looks incredible. I reached out to support with a question and they responded within minutes. Highly recommend!