Enxrgize Hybrid Cart Recovery

Enxrgize Hybrid Cart Recovery

door Conglxmerate

Personal People-Powered Email & Text Abandoned Cart Recovery.

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High-powered hybrid heaven.

Bots for quick information, and real people to keep customers happy, connected seamlessly, to keep your costs low and your revenue high.

Multichannel marketing machine

Whether a customer prefers email or text, we’ve got you covered, and we automatically ensure that everything sent is compliant with spam a

Linguistically lavish language

A quick and efficient installation, coupled with a single easily customizable strategy is all you need. Enxrgize handles the rest.

Over Enxrgize Hybrid Cart Recovery

Give your customers the best of both worlds and they’ll love you for it

Bots are quick and efficient, but your customers but your customers quickly grow tired of having to deal with them.

Humans are real and personable but why use a human responder just to tell someone their order has shipped?

Enxrgize uses a hybrid of both bot technology and human-powered communication to their fullest potential to give your customers an experience they'll NEVER forget, and it'll show. The average recovery rate using Enxrgize is OVER 30%!

Double the channels, double the reach

Whether your customers prefer email or text, Enxrgize delivers to both. Forget about frantically coordinating multiple services: Enxrgize ensures that you will never have to choose between email nor text marketing apps again.

Gorgeous language to ease wonderful minds

Your brand is important and communication between it and customers should be flawless. Our delegates use lexical and sentiment analysis to elegantly reply to your customers in a professional and positive way.

Swift and efficient integration

A few, quick clicks and you will establish yourself as someone who cares about their customers. Enxrgize starts working right away to build strong relationships between your customers and your store.

Why manage 5 different marketing applications when one can replace them all? Enxrgize is the ultimate solution!

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Gratis te installeren

Starting at $0.08 USD for every email or text attempt to a Canadian or American customer. Additional fees may apply.

5.0 van 5 sterren

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Meest recente recensies

Alexandrine Lemaire

I came to Enxrgize from SMSBump to help recover my abandoned checkouts, and I was blown away. The app is fantastic and does what it does VERY well: I've seen an average 32% text recovery rate on my store. It doesn't have the same ROI like SMSBump, but that's because there's real people talking to my customers and Enxrgize charges per message too, so it's a fair trade, plus, you get text AND email recovery. It's really customer-focused and personalized for every customer. The owner also contacted me to see if I needed help with anything, which I've never gotten from any other app. If you're serious about your brand, install Enxrgize!

Antwoord van ontwikkelaar

24 september 2021

Thank you for the kind review! We hope we can continue to "Enxrgize" your store and work on our mission of humanizing the e-commerce space! Take care!