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19. mars 2024

Order 2 AOP Hoodies, the quality ? Just horrible, bleeding white, stitches not done and/or end loose, the garment is very bad. So won't be working with them, don't know how the other products are, but that showed me enough
Shipping ? On estimated time, but it was a long time (21days)
Support ? In 24h yes can't complain there
App to create clothes? Not bad, not great.
Refund ? Yes got it.
Packaging ? One side clear, one not, weird.
They have some stuff going for them, but the quality destroys any good that they have.
Also, they have a coupon if you make 5-star review, which you can even use for the first order, I didn't use them. That made me question all the 5-star reviews.

Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
3. juni 2024

I am very sattisfied with help I got , very fast and professional, thank you very much Paul !

1 dag bruker appen
20. mars 2024

I found them very helpful when i asked to explain something. Great service. Art Like That

Art Like That!
3 måneder bruker appen
25. mars 2024

Offers a streamlined interface, extensive product selection, effortless integration, reliable fulfillment services, and dedicated support, making it the go-to choice for effortless dropshipping success.

Arti5t1k4L & Funklove Creations
2 måneder bruker appen
2. mars 2024

I recently decided to try Inkedjoy for my print-on-demand needs, and I must say, the experience exceeded all my expectations! From the outset, the user-friendly interface made it super easy to upload my designs and select the products I wanted to customize. The variety of items available to print on was impressive, and it allowed me to expand my product line beyond what I had initially planned.

The customer service team deserves a special shout-out. They were incredibly responsive and helpful, assisting me in fine-tuning my designs to ensure the best possible print quality. And speaking of quality, when my order arrived, I was blown away by the clarity and vibrancy of the colors - the details were sharp, and the materials were top-notch.

Processing and shipping times were another area where Inkedjoy shined. My order was processed quickly, and I received everything faster than anticipated, which was a pleasant surprise. The packaging was secure and professional, ensuring that all items arrived in perfect condition.

What's truly remarkable is how Inkedjoy has managed to provide such high-quality products and service while still keeping prices competitive. It's clear that they value their customers and are committed to providing the best experience possible.

To anyone looking to dive into the world of print-on-demand, I wholeheartedly recommend Inkedjoy. They've earned a loyal customer in me, and I'm excited to continue growing my business with their support. Five stars all the way!

Spirit Tees
5 dager bruker appen
6. mars 2024

I have been impressed by the timely response, dedication, and overall thorough consideration of support of InkedJoy for my store. Their product catalog is robust, enabling me to expand my product line for a variety of customers. I highly recommend the services of InkedJoy.

Namaste Love
2 måneder bruker appen
26. mars 2024

I like the way i can design and print the all over and all ill test and update

Four Oaks Outlet
Rundt 1 måned bruker appen
12. mars 2024

Inkedjoy has been amazing for my e-commerce business every step of the way. I appreciate the user friendly capabilities and ability to bring your ideas to life!

Realm of Wonders
13 dager bruker appen
20. april 2024

Excellent customer service! Excellent printing quality!

Reaper Surf
3 måneder bruker appen
10. mai 2024

Inked Joy a beaucoup de choix pour ma boutique, le service client est réactif mais je vous conseille de contacter Wendy.
Je viens de passer une commande d'échantillons et je verrai si la taille et la qualité du tissus est au rendez-vous.

Tagaloa Tattoo Apparel
4 måneder bruker appen