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3. Januar 2024

Customer service is great, and the products for me are like anything else you have to choose what audience you want to reach and find a product here that matches that, my major beefs are I dont know what time customer service opens cause I tend to only get responses after 7-8pm CST time in America, another issue is the inventory info, if my store is connected to the inventory it should auto update, I dont like finding out the last minute that something that shows me over a few hundred is out of stock on there side and Im ordering it from EPROLO, thats bad for business. Shipment on fulfillments is fine to me with express, its the processing time that takes way longer than it should in my opinion, Im still new and I prefer the simplicity of using the store cause there is no guess working in the shipping, I just dont like that it can take 3-5 days JUST to ship an item

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6 monate mit der App
10. April 2024

Learning very interesting

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9 tage mit der App
23. August 2023

I do not have much to say yet as I have not fully launched my store! However, the communication and response with my agent is pretty great! Once my business take off and I have been with them long enough I would be back to give a better review! For now, as a beginner its a great place to start!

SeKrets Boutique
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4 monate mit der App
4. Mai 2023

It's okay. My biggest concern is with the inventory quantity, which it's not accurate. They were always quick in their response, but for that reason I decided to not use their services anymore.

My Vintage Place
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Etwa 3 jahre mit der App
28. April 2023

The thing that is scaring me the most is that I see all the reviews and the company has not responded to the reviews with a resolution to the customers with complaints. This shows me that you will be very inattentive to me as a customer. I haven't ordered anything as of yet, but PERCEPTION is everything. Although the cloths are cute.

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5 monate mit der App
29. Mai 2020

I'm using this app with my online store and I have been having issue after issue. Some times my orders from my store do not sync for me to place the order which causes a delay in shipping. Another time, once I purchased the order, the payment and shipping details would not sync until 2 days later. This also causes delay in communicating with my customers and causes friction.

Then, there is not a customer service representative on my time zone, therefore, I have to wait 12-24 hours for a reply. Not good for business relationships.

Fitt-Thickk Trainers
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6. Juli 2021

The products are displayed randomly and you have to dig through the pile of products to find what you are looking for. It would be to group them into several categories

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Bearbeitet am 13. Oktober 2019

I use this app to process and manage orders. The shipping method without the express option takes forever to get your consumers their product, which upsets me, which is why I gave 3-stars.

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8. April 2021

I have used eprolo as an alternative to aliexpress, they are a bit easier to use and have good shipping options on most products. they can do better with the quality of the product pictures.

Australian Offers Store
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
Bearbeitet am 20. Juli 2019

When the process works it’s great and orders are generally delivered within 10 days, but when it goes wrong it’s really bad and leads to a very poor customer experience. The fast delivery with Express shipping can take up to 4 days processing before even shipping the orders out which leads to long delivery times. Have also had several missing and incorrect orders shipped to customers.

Smart Gear Direct
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