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Muokattu 30. toukokuu 2023

I have been asking them to delete my account for over 2 weeks, and they have not done it. I don't know why this is so hard for them to do. Just delete my account already! Ticket #SEJT0: Delete My Account

I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS APP. The support is really terrible even though they SAY they have 24/7 support -- they don't. Product selection is very limited, plus all the products that they DO have do not have accurate sizing, photos and information. Shipping is expensive and unreliable, tracking information is not correct (tracking numbers are fake or non-existent). The worst part is, they will SPAM you with emails saying that your Eprolo account has a new order -- even if the order is meant for a different vendor/supplier. This app will try to hijack EVERY SINGLE ORDER that comes in, even if it isn't meant for them. STAY AWAY!!!!!

This app/company just sucks, period. Shopify should not have them listed on the app store.

@Shopify you guys need to get rid of this horrible app!

Update 5/30/2023
I am still fighting with this company to delete all my information. they won't do it, they are making it so difficult. First they said they needed the tech team do delete my data, and now they are saying that my agent is the only one who can do this. BE CAREFUL with this company. Once they have your information they won't let it go. I am about to hire a lawyer to sue them to get my data deleted. This is getting so out of hand.

The Knickknack Shack by Darthside LLC
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30. huhtikuu 2023




They don't reply to you within 1 hour they don't have 24/7 customer support. they provide fake shipping tacking numbers like these 2 here.



They don't work properly./ They're unreliable and untrustworthy. DO NOT USE.

And they still haven't delivered 1 of my orders@@@

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14. maaliskuu 2023

I have been using their services for more than two and half years now. Initially, they were reliable, but now they are getting worst day by day, especially their customer service. It takes almost 10 days to fulfil orders, and even after paying for faster shipping, deliveries are not made on time. Sometime when products are out of stock at there side they never inform you. When you try to reach out to them, they take a long time to respond, and when they eventually do, they have nothing but excuses. The feedback service they provide also does not work. You can not make a complaint about these managers' unresponsive behaviour. Unfortunately, every few weeks, they replace the manager, and the new ones are always worse then the past one. Now they appoint this new Manager "Yang" she don't reply to my messages in time. I have to wait at least two days for any respose They are just giving me so much headache these days. Now I am forced to find different suppliers.

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Muokattu 5. huhtikuu 2023

I have been working with them for over 6 months:

+ Delivery available to most countries. Other suppliers have less countries to deliver
+ Prices for some products below

- Inconvenient balance replenishment system, but if you immediately pay for orders with a credit card, then this is not a problem.

Addition: support has become worse... We have to wait for an answer for 3-4 days. Now there are problems with orders, but they do not help to solve them. They say they will check and you have to wait a very long time.

After I put 1 point, they began to work better and suggested that I raise the mark. I raised it to 4 points. Now I lowered it to 2 points so THEY AGAIN PAY ATTENTION TO MY PROBLEMS!

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Muokattu 18. helmikuu 2023

They are giving you 500 E-coin and 500 import list products if you give them a good review. The shipping isn't even good. Do not recommend

The Fun Solving Store
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9. tammikuu 2023

I am the owner of a Shopify store in the States. Be very careful with this app. At first IT was ok to use shipping was not to late not to early. Then ask for a refund because of wrong product with a picture . They do not refund for their mistakes. Will tell you it's your website for not being clear. Could not see it clearly. They are telling me that SOUTH is spelled Sath and WHILE is spelled Wile. I sale varsity jackets and the last 4 have been a nightmare. All 4 spelling or designs did not match my website. They say it's my website. If they could not see the spelling clearly they could have reach out. Closing my stores with them. Glad I did not bring all four of my stores over. Just be careful with app and the services

Gen U Us Products
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18. syyskuu 2021

Do not use this supplier, not trustful at all. I ordered two products to test and in both products they screw it... one was not the right pattern and the other was not a correct size. I asked a refund and nothing till now. I already send them pictures that clearly shows they sent the wrong products and they keep not refunding me. Also the quality is very poor, they show photos that are not at all equivalent to reality. They dont care at all about their customers...if this was a test order i guess they should make all the efforts to keep clients...but if they do this in a test order , i can imagine in the future...

Sunkiss Shop
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Muokattu 12. kesäkuu 2021

They apologized, shipped out the item for free and gave full refund too, so i commend them on that .

Everything In Possible
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12. toukokuu 2021

Very bad! I did an order on 2 of April and since today I don't know where is my order, I wrote them to know the situation of my product, and the response was that the order was prepared 12 of April, passed 15 days I wrote them again and they said that the order was prepared on 26 of April, so I got tired, and I have to make conscious to everyone that this app is one of the worst apps that I met ¡Not the best option to work with!

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21. huhtikuu 2021

Very poor app customer service is terrible they don't understand my questions, going round in circles beware of using this app.

Charming Jewels Boutique
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