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15 april 2019

well, i thought this app is better than others, but i tried to add kid tent,they refuse is because they cannot ship battery and liquid :), however this was not the only one,i spent hours to find products after pasting aliexpress link in their app, they replied me after 48 hours(terrible customer service also) they cannot find the source of product (What?!!!!) ,so don't waste your time try another app, by the way i sent a detail text to them but the person how replied me didn't even see my text i think it is robot.

7 månader användning av appen
EPROLO svarade 12 augusti 2020

Thank you for your review. Sorry about the late reply due to the weekend, our team is based in China and communication may not be instant due to the jet lag.

12 juli 2019

VERY disappointed in this app that showed SO much promise! They represent and promise "branding" on the shipping label, packing slip and packing "scotch tape" and even have a picture of my scotch tape with my label, which I paid $20 for on 3 of my sites (total $60). I have tested 2 orders by ordering from my own store and, so far, no scotch tape, no packing slip and no shipping label with my branding on them. When I received my orders, I didn't even know it came from my own shop!

They also do NOT ship in 5-8 days on everything. I promised one customer 5-8 day shipping on a stuffed toy for her sons birthday, well, they shipped it by ePacket in 12-25 days and did not notify me for the option of canceling the order. When you choose a shipping option, a vendor does not have the option to use a different shipping method, they MUST use the shipping method chosen and paid for.

I had to go through PayPal for a charge back on this one because they would not honor their promises of a refund to make things right when shipping gets messed up and they cannot follow through on their promises.

Their inability to stand by what they represent in their Shopify business promises has harmed my business reputation with my most recent customers.

I need a fulfillment company I can trust and eProLo has a good concept, but they cannot stand up and delivery on what they promise.

If you want your business reputation damaged, use this app. I am in the process of withdrawing all of my products I have with them and going back to AliExpress directly.

7 månader användning av appen
13 mars 2019

This app is supposed to make it easy to fill orders, the issue is that it does not actually work. I ordered a few items after having them on my website and they never arrived. The support had nothing to say except they will arrive eventually and two months later and the items still haven't arrived and ive had to issue refunds to everyone. Do not use this app, just use Oberlo instead.

Lower Level Apparel
5 månader användning av appen
EPROLO svarade 12 augusti 2020

Thank you for your review. Shipping delay is a problem for all shipping methods, but we have already refunded for the delayed orders, and some orders delivered in around 15 days. Please confirm.

21 april 2021

Very poor app customer service is terrible they don't understand my questions, going round in circles beware of using this app.

Charming Jewels Boutique
5 månader användning av appen
5 januari 2021

Wow where do I even begin, I don't normally write reviews because I feel they are all based on perception and memory but eprolo.....sheesh this is a NO just a BIG FAT NO! Save yourself and your pockets from this sham of a company. Shipping Times:
They will process your order and say it has been shipped and then change the actual date of shipping to make it look like it was only a few days.
The carrier they use YunTrack doesnt even start calculating the days until it is picked up and starts moving to seem like it was delivered in 2-4 days. The express shipping is joke they change the price of it whenever the want to. Some items have a fee some don't, some you can get express some takes 12-25 days but you wont know until after the order is made. All of their products you can find on aliexpress it wasnt until i was 50 orders in that I realized it was all LIES! The same exact product is more than likely cheaper and faster somewhere else. Customer Service
They only work after 9pm EST so you wont hear anything for days regarding any issues you have. You cannot cancel any orders once they have been made. They will tell you the item is shipped and just put a fake tracking number until the can actually get the product. To give you a recent example I ordered express shipping on 12/08 they didn't process to ship until 12/18 on 12/29 it WAS NOT EVEN SHIPPED! We asked to refund the shipping since we paid express but after looking at the tracking it left CHINA 12/26 and still not delivered as of today 01/05. I asked for a full refund as clearly it will be over 30 days by the time the customer receives the package and they say we need to keep waiting. Of course the customers wants a refund and still wants to know if they will get the item or not. I honestly was excited when I first found eprolo I was willing to overlook the high shipping cost just to ensure the delivery time.... WORST THOUGHT EVER!! Save yourself your business your reputation your bank accounts!!!
JUST DONT DO IT NO MATTER WHAT THIS APP WILL BE A PROBLEM. I should have known nothing good is free in the business world. Hope this was helpful I wish everyone success on your journey!

Local Scenes
5 månader användning av appen
2 september 2019

I would be very careful as they don't provide refunds for items that dont arrive to the customer and the provide false tracking numbers.

The Guardian Alarm
4 månader användning av appen
Redigerat 13 augusti 2020

The shipping and processing times are no where near what they are advertising. I have orders that have been waiting to process for over a week at a time. I have paid for express shipping and it is not express but I am scared to not pay for it because I do not want my orders to be further delayed. Even the shipments that are processed out of there Chino Facility take a long time. I am just disappointed.

Update: this supplier continuously fails to deliver then they beg you to remove the unfavorable review playing on your heart strings saying it effects their salary and their boss is going to be upset blah blah blah. Beg you to take it down before the resolve the problem with promises to do better. I refused. Business owners need to know what they are dealing with.

My recent issue is they shipped the wrong product and on top of that short shipped the order to boot. I provided pictures, reiterated the issue at least 6 Times, broke it down into bullets to make it easier to follow and understand in
various emails all for them to come back asking for pictures and asking me to confirm what size needs to be shipped. Because I wasn’t being clear. So not only did the order not ship timely, it shipped wrong and their customer service team is purposely being obtuse or they have a real problem. I now had to refund the customer for the entire order. I am asking for a refund for the i shipped product and an escalation contact. Let’s see if that goes anywhere. I’ll be back with a third update on how they resolved this

Third update: I was finally able to have this resolved. They reshipped the order ( fingers crossed it goes well) and provided me a refund since I also had to refund my customer. Lily the escalation contact stepped in and her communication is very precise and clear and I appreciate that. it went a long way with de-escalating the situation. I am satisfied with the outcome of my dispute

Z. Nichole
4 månader användning av appen
Redigerat 22 januari 2021

my request for help are urgent and have not been responded to. Immediate assistance is requested and no email has been received though requested in an issue related to customer product and shipping.

Ruby's Luxe Boutique
4 månader användning av appen
Redigerat 7 september 2019

6 orders placed through Eprolo since July 28th, and I am about to issue my second refund to an unhappy customer.
I reached out to Eprolo regarding a product stuck in the processing mode. I waited for about two days for a response or email back from them. I then decided to click around on the dashboard. I clicked the "View All Chat" button and saw they had responded saying they could not fulfill the order. They didn't email me. I didn't receive a notification showing they had responded to me. It seemed as though they immediately archived their response to me in the message box. That was the first refund I had to issue.

After issuing the refund and checking the provided tracking numbers to make sure other orders were not "floating", I noticed all the other orders were still showing they "In Transit". A few seconds later, I get an email from different customer saying their package was supposed to be shipped to them already. I looked at the tracking number again to make sure I hadn't entered the wrong number. That customer is now requesting a refund.

So, to make a long story short, Eprolo is not effective. Eprolo does not have good customer service. I have had 6 orders placed through Eprolo since July 28th. Today is August 14th, and none of my customers have had their products shipped to them. My business' credibility has been degraded by this company. They do not respond in a timely manner. Their shipping method does not work. I will be unpublishing all products and deactivating my account with them as soon as I can get an update from Eprolo regarding the remaining "In Transit" customer orders. Say No To Eprolo.
September 7, 2019
I'm still having problems with Eprolo. They don't honor their shipping policy. I asked for a refund for the shipping fees I paid. They don't want to refund me the full amount. I asked for an address so I can update my shipping settings & policies on eBay, and they didn't provide one. They do not provide good customer service. They even had the nerve once to ask me to remove my review. They are rude.
One of my orders had to be refunded to the customer because 6 days after the order was placed, the tracking number was not verifiable and I had no way of telling the customer where the product was. I complained about the tracking number to Eprolo for almost 5 days until I just said it. The order was placed by the customer on August 20. I refunded the customer on August 26, and it wasn't delivered until August 31. When I contacted Eprolo again, they said they couldn't refund me the cost I paid them for the item because it had already been shipped from their warehouse. The agent said they didn't owe me a refund because it shipped it 9 days. The 20th to the 31st is 11 days, duh. Even if it did ship in 9 days, that's longer than the 5-8 days they promised. How was I supposed to know what was going on when the tracking number they provided did not work?!?! When they said they did not want to refund at least the express shipping fees I paid, I was furious. There was nothing I could do because they have no contact number and they only respond after 24 hours. The agent contacted me and said it wouldnt be "fair" to them to issue me a refund for the shipping fees because they had to pay for shipping too. WHAT!!! EXCUSE ME?!?!? I paid an extra $3.5 for express shipping on a $35 order that I had to refund because of an invalid tracking number, and they want to say what's not fair to them. Really . I paid express shipping fees for 3 separate orders & none of them shipped within 5-8 days. The agent said I need to be aware of the issues going on in Hong Kong. My customers do not care about what's going on in Hong Kong. They want what they paid for, which was a guaranteed product on a guaranteed date.
When I asked for an address to Hong Kong or China or wherever they are, all they can tell me is use to epacket. Why tell me to use epacket when I ask for a shipping origin. It makes no sense. I explained to the agent that I'm selling on eBay and need an address/shipping origin. They don't give a. Did I mention Eprolo can be very rude?
So, I'm still waiting for an address and I'm still waiting to see how much they are going to refund my for the Express shipping fees I paid.
•I want my $9.50 refund for the shipping fees I paid.
•I need an address to set up my shipping settings on eBay.

3 månader användning av appen
8 september 2019

My experience with this app was absolutely horrible. Every single time I ordered, there was an issue. Either the item wasn't really in stock, they would take forever to even ship the item out (way past the time that's stated), or they wouldn't send out every item that was ordered. I've gotten so many complaints from my customers while using this app. It got so bad to the point it almost ruined my business for good. Customer service was horrible also. They would ask you a question, and even if you said no, they would still proceed to do it. Also, I never received certain refunds I was supposed to get. My experience was not good at all and I do not recommend working with them. It was a nightmare!

3 månader användning av appen