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Redigerat 22 december 2018

I use this side by side with Oberlo, This App is laggy and at times turns every title the same .. ex if I have something titled Forest pendant and I alter the description and price the rest of the items in the import list change to that Title Forest Pendant and I have to close the app and reopen it to go away Recently I asked a question and my reply was :


Sorry, these products are U.S based and we can not dropship.

2018-12-21 09:44:47

I did not ask them to dropship I inquired If they could get a few products FROM CHINA! Not The US ... you know they ask us to ask them So umm yeah just another wannabe Oberlo app IMO AFTER I Clicked "Submit Review" it gave me another window wanting to delete my 1 star review LOLOL

Wicked Crazy Creations
9 dagar användning av appen
EPROLO svarade 12 augusti 2020

Thank you for your review, ERPOLO App can do way more than Oberlo, Importing product from Aliexpress, fulfill orders in bulk from Aliexpress with a few clicks, and it`s free for everyone.

26 februari 2019

It's like a useless version of Oberlo. Was promised the ability to import new products from Alibaba by simply entering the URL. Failed every attempt to do so. Don't waste your time.

The Handsome Grouse Soap Co.
6 dagar användning av appen
EPROLO svarade 1 mars 2019

The Product Sourcing feature is not like other apps you can directly import product from other marketplaces, and the suppliers will handle the shipping for you when you make a sale. All products are stocked in Eprolo warehouse and all packages are shipped from Eprolo warehouse. So our sourcing team has to confirm if we can locate the supply of the product you imported first.
You have imported 3 products from Alibaba, they were refused because many Alibaba products have minimum quality and we cannot stock or purchase a hundred pieces at the beginning for you.

Redigerat 18 februari 2023

They are giving you 500 E-coin and 500 import list products if you give them a good review. The shipping isn't even good. Do not recommend

The Fun Solving Store
5 dagar användning av appen
23 oktober 2019

Very buggy and laggy, but pretty much the same as oberlo. I wanted to delete the app but somehow EPROLO doesn't let me remove it from shopify. Can't recommend this app...

3 dagar användning av appen
EPROLO svarade 23 oktober 2019

Very confused and very disappointed, just installed EPROLO app for 3 minutes and posted this 1-star review. EPROLO app is not like Oberlo, It can do way more than Oberlo and you can easily remove EPROLO app from your Shopify admin- Apps page, just simply click the uninstall button.

1 juni 2019

I searched for car accessories and absolutely every product I found with EPROLO, I also found it much, much cheaper on AliExpress. So, at least for me, it's totally useless. Uninstall.

Ruko Store
37 minuter användning av appen
EPROLO svarade 3 juni 2019

Most of the products on Aliexpress are not included with shipping fees. At Eprolo, all products are free shipping. That`s why you may see the price is higher than Aliexpress. Also, Eprolo provides free supply management, quality control, customize invoice and packing. Which you will never find from Aliexpress. You have just installed Eprolo app for less than 20 minutes and leave this 1-star review and said this App is useless. This is not true and I believe thousands of Eprolo users can prove that.

27 juni 2019

Do not use the APP to if you are planning on shipping to South Africa. It is not setup for South Africa. Repeat: Do not use the APP to if you are planning on shipping to South Africa. It is not setup for South Africa.

9 minuter användning av appen
EPROLO svarade 28 juni 2019

We were really confused about this 1-star review, Eprolo app supports worldwide shipping and this app is available for all sellers from any countries. You have just installed Eprolo app for 5 minutes and leave us this 1-star review, you could contact us via email or LiveChat if you have any questions. This is really a heartbreaker action since our developers are working so hard to create more useful features every day.

21 februari 2019

This app is a scam. Look at what they write in small letters inside the app (notice: Balance is $100): "What if I can not spend all the balance before I uninstall Eprolo? Processing the prepayment only when you want to choose Eprolo as a long term partner because balance cannot be withdrawn. You can order products from Eprolo for yourself to spend all the balance." ...In other words, they suck you up in $100 even if you make no sales. Shopify should ban these companies permanently. What an insult!!!!

Prime Desire
8 minuter användning av appen
EPROLO svarade 1 mars 2019

I think there is a misunderstanding. You have just installed Eprolo app for 2-3 minutes and written this review. This is not fair because you haven`t spent any time to experience the app before writing the review.
the prepayment feature is only for sellers who already have orders going on Eprolo. Paypal charges 3% fees from us of each payment, we offer this feature so that sellers can prepayment once to avoid the Paypal fees, and we return the fees to the seller. this is a win-win option for both sides.