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8 november 2023

Eprolo offers an interesting solution for finding products that are not available on other platforms, often at attractive prices. However, the quality of the garments sometimes leaves something to be desired, even though the company claims to carry out quality controls. Despite this, the speed and affordability of delivery are strong points, as is the advantage of having a single point of contact for order-related questions and support. Although they don't have the full range of items found on other platforms, Eprolo remains an option to consider.

Die Wikinger Taverne
11 månader användning av appen
24 augusti 2023

So far I am quite pleased with Eprolo. Irving has been very helpful with all of my questions on products. I email him quite often and he has never once missed replying to me. I am hoping to have have my website go live on Sep 1st so I will revisit my review after I do test orders. One thing that is a little frustrating is that when an item imports into my Shopify, the weight changes from g to lbs but the number is not converted so I have to manually put it back to g. I wish I would have researched their AliExpress importing better. I wasn't aware that the price and shipping of those items aren't correct until you send a test order to Eprolo for a price quote. So I have quite a bit of editing ahead of me. But as long as Shipping and ordering run smoothly, I will continue to utilize Eprolo.

Stephanie's Tasty Treats and Party Supplies
3 månader användning av appen
9 november 2023

Overall, I like the products and customer service offered by eprolo. And also the behavior of customer support executives were also good for quick resolution

Shopping Reader
3 månader användning av appen
18 oktober 2023

I am strongly recommending EPROLO for every dropshippers out there looking for a complete order fulfillment App. Look out no more because EPROLO got you covered. From product sourcing, to product delivery. They are trusted partners whose goal is to make dropshipping business convenient for all.
EPROLO answer all your shipment questions because it is available world-wide and the shipping fee and the experience they offered is top notch.
Their commitment to business and outstanding performance from their worker make this possible.
EPROLO ensures seamless operation from the point of ordering to the point of delivery and this allow dropshippers to stay focus, working on how to get more customers because they've covered for all of your other works.
Also, their customer care assistance is open for you that you don't have to worry of time delay. EPROLO is taking the lead.
Look no further, EPROLO answer all your questions and needs.

Xtra Multi-purpose Stores
5 dagar användning av appen
28 augusti 2023

Very frieldnly app. easy to use.
A lot of stuff. very fast shipping and you can choice custom labeling with low price. we will see after few weeks of using:)

5 månader användning av appen
2 augusti 2023

Has been great so far, my only complaint is the processing times - I was expecting much faster shipping times, which is the case - however, I'm finding many of the packages are in processing for at least 3-6 days before the tracking information finally updates to show the package is now on route. This means that items are arriving in around the same timeframe as AliExpress which is a shame.

However, the ease of use, the custom branding & more still makes this an excellent alternative to AliExpress - I will also say that Bella, my agent has been absolutely amazing throughout & helping with anything I could possibly need.

DDLG World
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
24 juli 2023

I like eprolo, the only issue is when waiting for my "For Beginners" membership I am still having to wait for a review and have been since I created an account with them. So I am unable to do any branding at all which is unfair and hard to understand. I wish they could fix this, rectify my account so I can start branding officially and also I am thankful for the help they give and how they communicate too. I am thankful for eprolo and will continue to use their services as I am comfortable with them. Hopefully I am able to have my account fixed too.

3 månader användning av appen
15 november 2023

Only new to the service but So far I find Eprolo very professional. Their customer service is second to none.

FSE 18
4 dagar användning av appen
19 september 2023

Excellent support and highly efficient for rapid shipping product.

Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
16 september 2023

Apprezzo l'attenzione, la cura con cui l'area dedicata all'assistenza si pone nei miei confronti. Rispondono velocemente ai miei messaggi e fino ad ora hanno sempre trovato una soluzione ad ogni problema o disguido. Molto diligenti.

Anche nella ricerca di prodotti all'esterno della piattaforma si sono mostrati molto diligenti ed efficaci. Mi è capitato di fare diverse richieste nel merito e confesso che mi sono trovato molto bene.

L'unico appunto da muovere è nella tempistica un po' dilatata nella spedizione di alcuni prodotti, anche se nel mio caso, visto che faccio richiesta di prodotti non presenti nel loro inventario, può essere comprensibile.

In ogni caso, valutando tutti gli aspetti e criticità, mi trovo bene con Eprolo.

Fibralit 4.0
3 månader användning av appen