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15 maj 2024

I've had an all around great experience working with Eprolo. Shipping is fast, they can handle high order volume, and they're able to source any products I need at a lower price than is available on Aliexpress. But working with my agent Bella is especially what has made this such an amazing experience for me. Bella goes above and beyond to make sure all of my dropshipping needs are taken care of. I will happily continue working with Eprolo, and would recommend them over any of the other dropshipping service providers I've tried.

Jewelry Store
Mer än ett år användning av appen
15 maj 2024

Been using Eprolo for over a year already and this has saved me a lot of time and money. I am working with a very helpful Eprolo Agent Ashley and she helps me to find the right products, shipping, suppliers and make better deals for my store.

11 månader användning av appen
30 mars 2024

Got great service from Eve in resolving a problem with an order that had a few duplicate items on it. I communicated with Eve via chat and she handled the problem very efficiently and quickly and got the billing straightened out also without a glitch.

Brier Hills
Mer än 5 år användning av appen
12 mars 2024

Eprolo has been there for my e-commerce business no matter what stage it was at. I appreciate the user friendly-ness and ability to choose your own shipping speeds. One thing I wish was better is handling times, but I see Eprolo getting better by the day!

Realm of Wonders
9 månader användning av appen
20 mars 2024

We have been using Eprolo now for about 6 weeks and the work done by Yang to help us get used to the process has been great. She responds when she says she will and always resolves our issues in a timely manner. I know we will develop a long term partnership as the quality of the work they do and speedy shipping makes a difference to our customers. Thank you for your support Yang

Little Bambini Boutique
Mer än ett år användning av appen
14 april 2024

After countless frustrations with our previous fulfilment agent, I made the switch to Eprolo. And what a breath of fresh air it has been! From the very first contact, I have nothing but praise for the Eprolo team.

The employees excel in their quick and adequate assistance, making me never feel abandoned. Communication was a pain point for me with our previous agent, but with Eprolo, this is absolutely not an issue. They respond promptly to my inquiries and are always willing to help me, whether it's an urgent matter or just some general support.

The difference between my experiences with our old agent and Eprolo couldn't be greater. With my previous agent, I often felt abandoned and was frustrated by the slow response times. But with Eprolo, I truly feel heard and supported.

In short, I am very happy that I made the switch to Eprolo. Their fast and efficient service has taken my webshop to a higher level. I wholeheartedly recommend Eprolo to anyone looking for a reliable fulfilment service with excellent customer service.

4 månader användning av appen
Redigerat 15 maj 2024

I love using this, it is very simple and easy to use. The support is amazing, and I love how simple and easy it is for our business.

Mer än 3 år användning av appen
19 april 2024

Started using Eprolo recently and my experience with them has been good thus far. My account manager Ashley is easily contactable and responds well even during their public holiday! Appreciate her help in resolving a few issues/questions that cropped up.

Platypus Pals
4 månader användning av appen
21 april 2024

The first impression of Eprolo is good and the product I ordered from China arrived in Germany in less than a week. That was my first impression and I hope that when I open my online store everything will continue to run smoothly.

My Store
4 månader användning av appen
Redigerat 19 maj 2024

I've been using Eprolo for my e-commerce business for several years, and my experience has been consistently excellent. Kaylee, my primary contact, quickly resolves any issues, including billing glitches and duplicate orders.

Eprolo's user-friendly platform and flexible shipping options to the UK are great. While handling times could improve, their continuous enhancements are promising. The team's quick and effective assistance, especially from Ashley, who is always reachable, has significantly improved our operations.

Overall, Eprolo's excellent customer support, quality products, and efficient shipping make them an invaluable partner for anyone in the dropshipping business.

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