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Edited March 16, 2023

I have been working with them for over 6 months:

+ Delivery available to most countries. Other suppliers have less countries to deliver
+ Prices for some products below

- Inconvenient balance replenishment system, but if you immediately pay for orders with a credit card, then this is not a problem.

Addition: support has become worse... We have to wait for an answer for 3-4 days. Now there are problems with orders, but they do not help to solve them. They say they will check and you have to wait a very long time.

After I put 1 point, they began to work better and suggested that I raise the mark. I raised it to 4 points. Now I lowered it to 2 points so THEY AGAIN PAY ATTENTION TO MY PROBLEMS!

Time spent using app: 10 months
January 2, 2023

I was not aware of the process? in my store, nowhere does it say I needed to submit a fulfillment order. anyhow, hope i did it right?

United States
Time spent using app: 7 months
September 12, 2021

At first glance, instant dislike. I narrow the search to the apparel>shirts category and I've got a birdhouse (among other things) showing up at the top of the list. Horrible organization/UI. Also, photos are not optimized for mockups, and some products already have designs on them. Deleting.

LYQ Apparel
Time spent using app: 16 minutes
Edited June 22, 2021

I am importing products and noticed some glitches in the system. The markups aren't working properly even though I have the rules preset in the system. Also if inventory runs out I have it set in the system for the products to be automatically removed from the store. Well these two features work for some products not all. I reached out to support to try to get help with these two issues and still have not heard back yet. These issues are holding me up from my grand opening of my store. I don't want to start driving traffic to my store only to find out that pricing isn't working properly or to find out a customer ordered something and then later discover it's out of stock. These issues will cause problems not only for me but the customers as well. It will make them not want repeat patronage if they experience this type of issue. If I can get some help with this then I will update my review.

Greatness Manifesting
United States
Time spent using app: 3 months
February 4, 2021

I was very excited about this app @ first, but there are some serious problems. First, if you live in an English speaking country, you need to do considerable editing of photos and text for your product information to make any sense. This is very time consuming. The biggest problem, however, is that after going though all of the trouble of editing and uploading products from this site, your clients may not be able to order them. I did a test and 18 of the 28 products I uploaded caused my clients to receive a message that one of the products in their cart could not be shipped to their address. Unfortunately, a client looking at this message might abandon their cart because the message does not specify which product is causing the problem. I removed all but 10 of the items that I uploaded form eprolo and don't intent to upload any more. I had to put in too many hours of work for something that does not provide my clients with fast drop shipping, or worse, they can not order the item @ all.

United States
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
July 31, 2020

Eprolo seems like the perfect dropship app and I really wish it was. However, I just encountered a major flaw - They CANNOT source all the products it imports from Aliexpress AND you will only find out AFTER you actually have a customer make a sale!
I've imported numerous items from aliexpress with no mention that it cannot be sourced. I've promoted and paid advertising for these items, and finally got sales! Only to find out they cannot source it! (The original seller on aliexpress has these items in stock)
How terrible is this for my business! I'm left with the option of telling my customer that 'sorry we no longer carry that item' or order directly from aliexpress myself and send it to the client (at a higher cost). Terrible.
I now have to reconsider my dropshipping strategy after devoting countless hours and money on establishing dropshipping with Eprolo.
This is a huge issue that I wish I was aware of. So take it as a warning!

Pompous Peacock
Time spent using app: 8 months
June 28, 2020

it´s the same like all others..delivery times >20 Days to europe.. What i want with this? My customers want fast delivery.

Koenigstiger Shop
Time spent using app: 2 days
April 8, 2020

App looks beautiful easy to import products and images ...

But as per usual another Shopify app that lacks support. I am literally bored of seeing the same repetitiveness it bores me to tears. Messaged in twice one regarding products and two regarding my woocommerce store and getting software errors.

Not heard a thing back yet. Will be uninstalling, if there's no support there now I am not expecting none when I start selling products and a problem arises.

Actions speak louder than words. Its a simple as sending the emailants a kind message saying look we have you're message please wait for a response. You would be quick enough to make email marketing templates to big you up but not for dear users that use this app.

I am literally bored to death seeing the same thing happen time and time again.

United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 6 months
March 13, 2020

why do you say it's always free, it's wrong, you can only import 500 products for free! and then you have to pay to import other products.
Product import allowance
5 = 1
Product import allowance
100 = 20
Product import allowance
1000 = 200
100 = $ 1
1000 = $ 10
10,000 = $ 100

Time spent using app: 19 days
November 15, 2019

I'll leave this here!

Free Shipping
United States via ePacket ▼
Estimated Delivery Time:7-20 days (Ships from China)
Processing Time2 - 3 Business days

I have go thru the description / 5-8 days delivery USA-UK i said great / .
I have checked over 20 items form last 4-5 minutes i haven't saw delivery from 5-8 day . no where near 5-8 days delivery ..

Yes indeed it has nice products and good profit margins but ... if my customer see delivery time up to a month he will simply go to aliexpress / dhgate etc.. and will order from there . Believe me they all know how to do it . if you advertise 5-8 days i think this supposed to mean 5-8 days not 15-30 days .

Don't get me, wrong guys. I'm giving 2 stars because of the delivery times you stated and actual delivery times . othrwise ill give 5 stars

Eco Friendly And Organic
United Kingdom
Time spent using app: 5 months