eRetail Express

Omni-Channel Order, Inventory & Warehouse Management Solution

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Omni-Channel Order Management

Integrate both online and offline channels and enjoy a perfect omni-channel experience.

End to end Inventory Manager

Real time view of your inventory across all channel and replenishment using a single dashboard.

Time Saving and Avoids Hassles

Track your supply chain using multiple analytical reports to avoid manual hassles.

eRetail Express 정보

Worried about synchronizing your inventory/orders across channels?

We have got you covered.

Vin eRetail provides a one-stop solution for all the business needs of sellers, brands, retailers, and distributors.

Key Features of Vin eRetail include-

  • Ready integrations to 150+ leading webstores, marketplaces, 3PLs, and last-mile fulfillment providers.
  • Omni-channel order and Inventory management through a single dashboard.
  • Real-time view of Inventory across all channel.
  • Cost-effective fulfillment leveraging 40+ integrations to logistics partners.
  • Simplify returns management by decreasing the inventory processing time for returned items.

Easy to set up and use that helps you Sell Anywhere, Faster!

Additional Information:

Our modular product also has additional functionalities such as Automate Catalog Listing, Warehouse Management, Payment Reconciliation, Tax automation, Loyalty Management, etc. For more information reach out to us via support email or phone.


  • amazon,
  • flipkart,
  • paytm,
  • Nykaa,
  • Snapdeal

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$0.03 per order charge above monthly usage

  • 500 Orders Monthly
  • Unlimited App Integration
  • Unlimited User
  • All Features



$0.023 per order charge above monthly usage

  • 1500 Orders Monthly
  • Unlimited App Integration
  • Unlimited User
  • All Features



$0.018 per order charge above monthly usage

  • 3500 Orders Monthly
  • Unlimited App Integration
  • Unlimited User
  • All Features

High Growth


$0.015 per order charge above monthly usage

  • 8000 Orders Monthly
  • Unlimited App Integration
  • Unlimited User
  • All Features

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Walkent Store

They are thief's, CHEATS and SCAMMERS. They promise huge but when it come to delivering they do not delivery. One Mr Chandra Bhushan from their company promised full integration took advance for installation and when they could not do it started giving excuses that they incurred cost on integration and cannot refund the money. BEWARE!!! STAY AWAY FROM THEM. THEIR PANEL IS CRAP AND PEOPLE CRAPPIER.

Joy Global

No customer support. No proper system in place. Wasted our Rs. 10,000 without any service. Try to get help from them but no revert. Would request all to stay away from this company. Better to go with Unicommerce/OMS Guru/Easyecom.

개발자 회신

2019년 12월 6일

Dear Seller,

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience which caused you such a bad experience. Policies and Procedures are an essential component of any organization to keep the mutual respect between the buyer and seller.

But please allow us to make a better experience for you this time as we really don't want our customers to suffer like this. We would like to offer - If you subscribe to it again with the least amount to use the app, we will provide you two months of free subscription with unlimited orders to process.

If you're interested in the offer, please contact our helpdesk.