Free eBay Import from esa

Free eBay Import from esa

by esa Software

Free eBay Import with Paid Sync. Saves time/Manage Inventory

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I am a coin dealer and since Jack has an understanding on the coin business, that helps! The program keeps my Shopify and Ebay inventory balanced!

Excellent software, way above anything else in eBay related software. So many clever and mega-useful features. Great support (Thanks, Jack).

United States Rare Coin Currency

Great app. Does what it is supposed to do. We have tried others but none would do what this one does. We sell Certified U.S. Coins and Currency - each one is unique and has to have the correct description, photos and listing id - this app brings everything into our store correctly. The app also keeps our inventory up to date - again with Certified Coins and Currency you cannot sell the same one twice. Customer service is fast and responsive. We have used the app for 6 months, it is expensive but does a good job.

Southwest Virginia Surplus

Amazing. In 30 minutes this app mirrored my ebay store. deleted 147 sold out items, added 450 new items, synchronized all quantity and prices. Expensive, but in my case worth every penny.


This is a great app, I wish I had discovered it sooner. It does exactly what I need which is to mirror my eBay shop and adjust the inventory accordingly. I do not have time to look after both eBay and my online shop and this app allows me to have an online shop without extra work.

When I add an item to eBay it is imported in to my online shop. When the item sells on eBay the quantity is updated on my online shop. When an item sells on my online shop the quantity is updated on eBay.

Before using this i tried other multichannel software which where expensive and required you to link your eBay items to your online store which is hard work. This does it automatically when the item is first imported in to your store from eBay.

I am hoping that in the future they will also make this application work for Amazon.

If you are like me with limited time on your hands and currently sell on eBay and want to run an online shop with limited hassle, this is the application for you.


Have been using this quality service for over one year now and been thoroughly impressed with how simple and efficient the system is. All our items that we list on ebay are uploaded onto our site seamlessly, and items that are sold on either the website or ebay are adjusted/removed instantly. The support is great, with a valued response usually on the same day. Couldn't recommend it more.

Marienoelle Fashion

The system works very well and ESA support is very responsive. The only downside is that it is very costly.

Orpheus Music Group

The product has many great features, but has a major limitation that made it a non-starter for us. Our first question to the developer was whether there was a map of what fields were imported so that we would know how much detail to expect to import from Ebay to Shopify. We were informed that all of the fields were the same. Upon completing a test, we noticed that a large part of our information contained in Ebay under Item Specifics and Detailed Info were not imported from Ebay. After providing an example where no product detail was imported, only a generic description, we were told that this is not due to the app but a limitation of the Ebay export API. Regardless of where the limitation originates, this requires duplicate entry of much of the product description information into Ebay fields, then consolidating it into a single field for Shopify. Developer told us at one point that he would charge us for asking questions since we weren’t paying customers– completely different experience from any other app or service we tested!

Bmx Guru

This app has been invaluable for our business. We switched to Shopify after eBay closed it's ProStores ecommerce service. We were looking for an option that would integrate our current eBay store and inventory with Shopify, and esa has been the best solution. We currently has the app set up to run automatically every hour to check that the inventory on eBay and Shopify are current. We get daily emails letting us know what items were deleted and/or added.
Jack, the developer, has provided assistance on the few occasions that we've needed it both promptly and efficiently. He's been a pleasure to work with for the last 6 months in getting everything setup and running smoothly.
I would definitely recommend this app to anyone looking to sun an eBay store and Shopify site simultaneously. It's been a very efficient and cost effective app to help our business grow.

The Hall Of Comics

Having used this software for the last few months I have to say it does what it is supposed to do, as long as you have the correct categories setup in Shopify and put the items in the correct categories in eBay. I would definitely recommend this app to someone who doesn't want to do double the work posting on multiple sites.

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