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Redigert 15. mai 2024

Honestly not the best customer service. A bit rude and abrupt. I initially had my own trust badges and asked if they could remove it for me (did not know how to) and I emailed asking if they could help again. The reply was "you can do that yourself. see below." - no hello nothing.

Update: following my honest review the widget has suddenly “disappeared”…. It is active but disappeared from the store. Definitely a strange experience all together. Feeling very uncomfortable. Would definitely not recommend after this. After having a bad experience with them they will deactivate your widget. The customer service was one thing but this?! Just proved my customer service point. Who “punishes” their customers?

9 dager bruker appen
Coder svarte 13. mai 2024

Thank you very much for your review.

1. Your store is currently under protection and we cannot view the product page. So we can't help you with trust badge issues;

2. Our app is an estimated arrival date app. What you are describing is a trust badge issue. We are unable (not authorized) to provide you with any help. The best way is that you need to contact the corresponding trust badge developer customer service support to solve your problem. Because they know their applications best.


Thank you very much for your review.

1. After the user installs our application, we will never operate any configuration of the user (unless the user authorizes us to operate).

2. The problem you describe: The problem that appears in your store is that you subscribe to the Free plan and only have a quota of 100 products (and only 100 products will display the widget normally).

Your store has over 150+ products in total. The widget will not be displayed for products with more than 100 products.


29. april 2024

Think there is something wrong with your app, keeps saying "Estimated Delivery Date ‑ Plus" is not defined as your theme app extension" when its displaying on the product page... very confusing. Such an odd way to add the widget unnecessarily overcomplicated unfortunately not going to waste anymore time with it

Alexandra Designs
12 minutter bruker appen
Coder svarte 30. april 2024

Thank you very much for your review.

1. Starting from December 2023. Most apps in the app store need to update Shopify's strict requirements and be compatible with "Theme app extensions" technology.
This technology requires you to activate the corresponding app-embed function in the current theme. The app will only work properly if the corresponding app's embed is activated.

If it is not changed to "Theme app extensions", the App will be forcibly removed from the shopify app store.

2. The biggest benefit of the launch of "Theme app extensions": applications cannot add any code to your theme. This avoids user themes being destroyed.

3. Our application is compatible with the "Theme app extensions" function.
After installing our application, users need to activate the embed of our application in the theme as soon as possible. This way the application can work properly.

We provide a red banner to guide users to activate the built-in features of our app in the theme. If the user successfully activates the app's embed in the theme, the banner will automatically check into a green banner bar.

Automatically verifying whether the theme successfully activate the embed functions of our application requires triggering conditions:
When the user enters the Dashboard of our application again;

when the user switches tabs;

We have a scheduled script that will regularly verify whether the user has successfully activated the embed function of our application in the theme.

4. Warm reminder: When you confirm that you have successfully activated the embed function of our application in the theme, you can ignore the red banner bar prompt. Enable our app directly. If the widget is still not successfully displayed on your product page, you need to switch to the theme again to confirm whether the embed in our app has been successfully activated. If the confirmation is successful but the widget is still not displayed on the product page, you can contact us at and we will troubleshoot the specific problem for you.


12. februar 2024

Doesn't operate well on multiple settings. The app altered my theme code. Uninstalled app.

3 dager bruker appen
15. februar 2024

Not so much options. Also need chat instead of email customer service.

Rundt 1 time bruker appen
8. oktober 2023

very difficult to configure if you have multiple items you want a different date for. support is fast with a response but their native language is not english so it is hard to understand the directions they are giving because its translated.

Le Posh Pooch
3 måneder bruker appen
Coder svarte 10. oktober 2023

Thank you very much for your review.

If you only use the basic functions of our application, our application is very simple (activate the application and use it with simple configuration).

If you need to configure functions such as categories, countries, languages, and languages ​​in different countries in large batches, you need to understand the entire configuration priority usage logic of the application (if you do not understand it well, please contact us, we will be happy to assist you in completing any configuration). Once you understand application configuration priorities, you can display any different widget text or date content on any product in your store.


22. november 2023

New to the platform so needing some clear simple guidance. Unlike most others on here, I got 2 very jargony responses from their Help Desk, then they lost interest indicating they'd already provided the answer. Really poor, especially compared to another App help advisor who politely dealt with an an issue for over an hour the previous day. Haven't been able to use the app so cant comment on it, but poor customer service in my case unfortunately.

Rundt 20 timer bruker appen
7. oktober 2023

Internationalization doesn't work properly, lots of bugs and very time-consuming.

Rundt 23 timer bruker appen
Coder svarte 8. oktober 2023

Thank you very much for your review. Once you understand the entire process of our application, configuring it for different countries is very simple. If you don’t know much about our application, you can contact us in time (so far, we have not received any emails from you). We will be happy to give you suggestions or assist you in completing function configuration, etc.


16. januar 2023

App is not working on my shopify store. it’s take too much time for Load please help Me ASAP, I also contacted support team but no one replied.

Rundt 1 år bruker appen
29. november 2022

No support on request and support request messages are ignored
You can't add zones or products within them where the features can only be used if you give 5 stars and that's really shameful.

25 dager bruker appen
Coder svarte 29. november 2022

Thank you very much for your evaluation. More than 90% of the functions of our service can fully meet your needs. As for the remaining less than 10% of the functions, it will take up a lot of our server resources and cause our costs (maintenance costs, capital costs etc.) rises sharply. In order to ensure the fluency and stability of our existing customers using our application, we can only limit the use and give it to customers who need to use this function.

28. juni 2023

After trying to get this app to work for multiple hours, nothing showed. I needed this app to display different delivery dates for specific product categories, and I can tell you it didn't function at all. I tried everything, and the customer service was extremely unclear and slow in their responses.
Rundt 4 timer bruker appen