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The Most Complete Product and Reviews Migration Solution

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Heather Jordan Jewelry

I was not able to use this app & sought help from support. The first few messages were answered but were then ignored once the issue was identified. I thought someone was working on it because it clearly hadn't been resolved and I was contacting them for updates on fixing the problem! After more than a week of being ignored, I finally got a response from someone who had no clue what was going on so... to make a long story short, I uninstalled Etsify and I'll be seeking a full refund since I wasn't ever able to USE the app! When something costs this much, support needs to follow through and actually RESOLVE issues that come up, not ignore them and hope they'll go away! I strongly suspect this app does not work on OOAK (one-of-a-kind) items. If the SKUs don't match precisely, no reviews will be shown, rendering this app useless and worthless. At the very least, they could have saved me a week's time and told me that up-front (and issued a prompt refund) instead of making me wait around, thinking someone was helping me when they weren't. :(

Edited to respond to the reply: No direct contact information was visible for Etsify support so I had no choice BUT to contact Shopify (and they contacted you on my behalf that same day!) Saying SKUs are required is one thing, saying they must completely MATCH to show ANY reviews is another! Shopify's variations each require a unique SKU whereas Etsy collects all variations under ONE SKU and this is the fatal flaw in your app! Additionally, I asked support if an item selling in one place would mean no reviews would post for it if the listing was taken down for a OOAK item and never got a reply. I'm assuming this is the case since Etsify only seems to show reviews for that item on that item's listing.

This app is probably fine for those selling the same item over and over if it doesn't have any variations. It just doesn't work for one-of-a-kind items or items requiring variations. That needs to be clearly stated.

Developer reply

March 5, 2020


Thank you for leaving the review. I wish you'd contact us directly and not Shopify support – we are not able to resolve Shopify support tickets :/

Moreover, It is mentioned in the App's page, Etsify's dashboard and the Export reviews page in Etsify (plus the How To page) that SKUs are required in order to export reviews (if you plan to only export reviews) - I apologize if if it was not clear enough and promise to make the notification more visible.

If you contacted us directly, we would have been able to resolve your issue much quicker.

We've issued a credit refund as per your request.

Thank you again and sorry Etsify did not match your expectation.

The Etsify team

Silk Squirrel, LLC

I had numerous convo's with the developer even before trying this app. Once I installed it, the 5 product testing was very easy to do -- it was kind of unclear, but you can do many exports with 1 product over and again, testing different updates. The 5 product trial means 5 different product listings. I tested just about everything I could think of before biting the bullet and buying it. There are a few things I would change, but overall, I AM VERY HAPPY. There is some cleanup on the Shopify side once the export is complete, but I have found it to be MINIMAL. I am very happy, and I recommend!

Absolutely INVALUABLE!!! Saves a TON of time!! Literally within seconds, my Etsy products can be added to my Shopify site. AND... my fav feature: being able to easily create a CSV of my Etsy customer reviews to use on Shopify! This is a HUGE confidence boost for my customers on my Shopify site!

SOCCO Designs

Used this app to import our reviews from Etsy. Works great! The customer service from the team was amazing and very helpful!

If you're going from Etsy to Shopify then this app is everything you need worth every single penny!! You can import everything from products to reviews, re-import in case of need anche choose what to import (only image, only descriptions, only the newest reviews or everything again), keep everything in sync if you need or just as a one.time import. Works absolutely fine, very easy to understand and use! Thank you!!

Wellness Warrior

I need help. The integration was easy however it seems this app only goes one way. I subscribed and paid the $69 for the app in order to integrate, however it seems the integration only goes from Etsy TO Shopify - which is where I manage all my products. I'll never create a product in Etsy first. I needed a software that will allow integration to go both ways. Does this product do that?

UPDATE! The company reached out to me to address that they do in fact not offer integration from Shopify TO Etsy, rather only FROM Etsy to Shopify. They’ve also issued a refund for my purchase.

Thank you for quickly resolving this for me!

Also, if you’re able to make the integration go the other way...I’d love that! I thought what I did initially worked flawlessly.

Just Stuff I Sell

Saved a lot of manual work. I was able to import all of my listings from etsy. I did not import my active as I will be using another application to manage these listings, plus they were already on eBay so they were already imported in using that eBay importer.

I was able to import all of my deactivated listings which were all sold on 3rd party platforms - nice addition to my sold category. In order to import your sold - and your reviews - you have to move all of you sold listings to deactivated - a chore as you can only deactivate them one at a time. Once done, you can then migrate those listings to shopify and then you can import your customer reviews.

Overall, well worth the sixty whatever dollars! You can see the results in my website at All of the sold items are imported from etsy as are the reviews.

If looking to just migrate data, I strongly recommend this app.

Holy Cats! Vintage Store

It is absolutely worth the money! I use this app for my I used to list 600+ items in my Etsy shop and it was a pure nightmare even to think of manual transferring of each item! Yes, I still have to adjust some things like too long Etsy related SEO titles etc and make it fit the standalone site, but the app definitely saved my mental health saying nothing about the time of my life and business. I use it on a weekly basis to transfer my new listings and it works perfectly. Easy to install and set up and I haven't got trouble so far. Thanks for a good job!


Did not work.
I had so much hope for this app, but they are out of sync with Etsy anymore

Developer reply

December 20, 2019

Hello :)

Thank you for leaving the review! I'd like to clarify that we are not out of sync with Etsy, and we have hundreds of merchants performing transfers and updates on a daily basis without issues :)

Please contact our support and we'll be happy to resolve any issues you are running into!

Nimo @ Etsify


Best app to sync and transfer Etsy products to my website! Easy set up and the price is fair too as it lowered my time to otherwise hand transfer!! Thank you!!

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