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Etsify ‑ Import From Etsy

by omniWP

The Most Complete Product and Reviews Migration Solution

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Corgi Things

Awesome customer service. I had a ton of questions during the import process and the developer responded really quickly and gave clear answers. Everything is working great now and this app saved me lots of time! Would recommend.

Deal Beez

Support very very slow when you have a problem.. App does not work well. still waiting on support email from 4 hours ago on how to fix a problem..

Tees And Ties

So far, this app saved me days of tedious work!! I made a mistake on the first import, and the ability to simply update all products with a single click is a time saver! Love it. I plan to keep using it as I continue to add listings to my Etsy shop. Highly highly recommended!!


So smooth! I recommend it to anyone who runs Shopify and Etsy together, it's so easy to import and update my products! Love this app!


I second Snazzycatsboutique. The support and help from Etsify has been absolutely first rate! Actually, second to none, in my experience.

I had an unusual case and ran into some trouble importing my store from Etsy to Shopify. I tried about five different apps and NONE fo them would work. It was frustrating and discouraging.

After initially despairing that I would have to do everything the slow, awful, painful way -- by hand, manually -- if I could even muster the spirit to do it, I was thrilled to learn that Etsify would mod their software to accommodate my needs. Imagine that. And they did!

This is the way customer service is supposed to work -- and I wasn't even a paying customer yet! They modded the software to help me so I could THEN see if Etsify was for me. I don't know if too many other operations would have done that.

Etsify is also open to suggestions and ideas for improvement, which is always a good sign when dealing with a developer.

Anyway, once my somewhat unique situation was accounted for by Etsify, transfer went smoothly, and I'm well on my way now with Shopify. If Etsify had not gone to the lengths they did to help me, I might not have EVER gotten my Etsy store set up on Shopify.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Etsify! :-)


So far this App saved me days of work! I've signed up to Shopify yesterday and already imported all my products :D Great quick support. Loved how I can customize the export to match exactly to my needs – so first I can quickly import the products while I prepare the shop, and later, before I open the shop, re-import with any changes made in Etsy and add any new products. Totally worth the money. Highly recommended!

Twinkle The Unicorn

Great app. So much easier than trying to reconfigure the Etsy CSV data file for uploading to Shopify. And imports much more data: price variants, product categories, SKUs, and customer reviews - all impossible to do using the CSV data file. Highly recommended, and great value for money!


What a fantastic App. Saved us days of work! Migrated our listings just as we needed them, the batch content editing was invaluable. Highly recommended, worth the money, it allowed us to open our Shopify shop and get sales much quicker then if we’d do everything manually.


I would give this 10 stars if I could, this app has already saved hours and will save many more and will also generate sales from shopify as the website will be so easy to keep up to date and fresh.
I know it's a lot to spend for one app, but there really is no catches, it takes everything, it is seamless, no fiddling around after, as long as you have your shopify collections set up to populate on auto, it will just leave you with your etsy shop on Shopify as it is on Etsy, plus reviews too, which is invaluable
You will save in hours what you spend on the app


INCREDIBLE! What an awesome app that does exactly what it says it will do. Not only that, it offers the option to import variants. Everything that you have worked hard building on Etsy can now be imported to your Shopify store in literally minutes.

If you are on the fence about which Shopify Etsy app to use to import your Etsy store, go with Etsify. Hands down it saved me weeks of work. It imports all your photos, it imports all your pricing, it imports your listings EXACTLY the same as they appear on Etsy. Do you offer various styles, colors, sizes etc. on your Etsy products? Well, do yourself the favor and go with this app. It is much better than the other Etsy Shopify app as Etsify brings in everything from your Etsy store. EVERYTHING.

Is the app costly? No. Think of it this way, if your time is worth a minimum of $30 an hour and it would take you two days or more to move all your listings, descriptions, photos one by one, pricing one by one etc. Then this app will have paid for itself within under three hours of your time alone. It really is a no-brainer.

I was able to move nearly 400 products into my store in under an hour. Job done.
Guess how those products look after the import on my Shopify store? SPECTACULAR.

Nimo was quick to address any questions I had while using the app so the support is equally as brilliant as the app itself. I highly, highly recommend the Etsify app.