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18. Juni 2019

I picked this app based on the promise of inventory syncing across Etsy and Shopify. That is not one of the features of this app, despite what the friendly customer service rep told me. I am uninstalling.

Bike Pretty
Vereinigte Staaten
Etwa 2 monate mit der App
11. November 2021

It worked ok at first, however it's a tad glitchy and in the end inventory wasn't syncing properly, in addition to orders not coming into shopify from etsy due to 'sold out stock', as to why the product wasn't update in etsy as out of stock i'm not sure and support were unable to provide an answer, or respond properly.
I ended up getting 100 notification emails that there was an error last night after speaking with support. I'm now on the hunt for a better app.

Etwa 2 monate mit der App
Bearbeitet am 19. Januar 2020

Sadly no help from their team , on how to use this for Amazon AU. Several messages to their team - and no real help. I contacted Amazon seller support, and they couldnt get it to work either. So will need to delete and look elsewhere which is a shame..

The Print Emporium
7 tage mit der App
Digital Product Labs hat geantwortet 27. Januar 2020

We're sorry you have not been able to contact us straight away on a live chat session. We've tried to outreach you on multiple occasions through email and phone but unfortunately we haven't heard from you back. We're happy to help you list and sync with Amazon AU.

17. Juli 2019

Shopify _ Amazon upload doesn't work, support chat is not responding, email support will respond after 48 hours. This app is a waste of time...

5 tage mit der App
Bearbeitet am 25. Juli 2019

I'm looking for an app to automate cross listing items to etsy. This app is pretty bad. The first upload was clumsy but it did get everything over to etsy. Everything was mis-categorized so I had to go manually change the age of the others. But after that initial upload, nothing updated. It's a terrible interface and doesn't seem to even update anyway.

Update: They have reached out me to try to update things to work better so I am trying it again and will update my review.

Vintage MC
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3 tage mit der App
12. Januar 2022

After working with another system that was reliable but considerably more expensive, I was curious to see if this product could fit my needs. In fairly short order I discovered that the import from Etsy was dicey - app created seemingly random duplicates, sometimes 2, sometimes as many as 5. Also would create Shopify listings with an inventory count of 10, when in fact there was only 1. Lastly, it also overwrote some existing SKUs even though they were unique in Etsy, again apparently in random. So, as much as I would have liked it, it just wasn't reliable enough for my daily operations.

Hudson Fine Books - Vintage classics, first editions and children's favorites
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Etwa 19 stunden mit der App
Digital Product Labs hat geantwortet 19. Januar 2022

Hi Hudson, thank you for taking the time to review Etsy Integration & Sync. I'm sorry to hear that you were experiencing issues with duplicates and inventory counts!

We take these reports very seriously and have fixed the issue now and implemented the host of solutions so that it doesn't occur again. We tried to reach out to you by email. Please do let us know if you want to give our app another try and we'd be more than happy to onboard you smoothly with no issues.

Bearbeitet am 7. Juni 2019

Caution - despite how it is advertised - you can only sync listings that you create from inside of the app itself. The help chat confirmed that is it not actually possible to sync quantities from an existing Shopify listing to an existing Etsy listing (for the same product). Customer service only solution was to recreate all my listings and not use my existing Etsy listings (so I would lose sales history and SEO).
Also heads up - their website pricing has different pricing for Woocommerce vs Shopify, so make sure you look at the right one.

EDITED: The developer did try and offer to remedy and help.

Safety Spot
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Etwa 2 stunden mit der App
Digital Product Labs hat geantwortet 4. Juni 2019

Thank you for your review.
As our support team mentioned, the products you have listed without using our app cannot be synced as of now. This functionality for Etsy will be available in the next update which should take around 2 weeks.
Also, about the false advertisement that you mentioned, we assume that you got confused with the pricing plan of WooCommerce packages on our site. If you're looking to use the WooCommerce plugins, we can provide you on the price listed on our website.
We welcome you and will offer our help you list your products on Etsy and other marketplaces.