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21 de enero de 2024

Doesn't work, support is not 24/7. Don't waste your time or money. The free plan is a bait and switch tactic because in order to get it to sync properly, you have to upgrade your plan to a paid one LOL

LaVela Design Company
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 6 horas usando la aplicación
27 de abril de 2022

Ich benutze diese App jetzt über Monate hinweg, so etwas schlechtes und unkompetenzes habe ich noch nirgends erlebt.
Wenn ihr rechtlich abgesichert sein wollt und eine funktionierende Schnittstelle verwenden wollt, benutzt bitte nicht diese App! Das ist eine absolute Frechheit!

8 meses usando la aplicación
Digital Product Labs respondió 4 de mayo de 2022

We’re sorry that your experience was with the app was not according to your expectations and we will take your feedback at heart. Having sad that we find it a bit harsh that despite us creating a custom feature to accommodate your request we are still faced with a 1 star review.

18 de abril de 2018

This feed is great if you have all the time in the world after 12 am USA time to chat with there support and make it all work. Then repeat this every time you access the feed if you are that person then go for it otherwise stay 10 miles away to save the hassle. Pathetic is not fitting here that is what this feed provider is

Vista Shops
Estados Unidos
8 meses usando la aplicación
20 de julio de 2022


Your Basic Bits
Estados Unidos
7 meses usando la aplicación
Digital Product Labs respondió 22 de julio de 2022

We're sorry to read that your inventory is mismatching. We investigated your particular case, found a mismatch in product attributes between the two platforms which has been taken care of.

Hopefully you will re-consider our app in the future since we can help you with that.

13 de marzo de 2020

This app was an absolute nightmare! Instead of processing each order so they can be sent to the drop shipper, every order was marked as complete.

If frustration were my only problem with using this software, I’d be ok. But to ruin my Christmas sales, my reputation with Etsy and cost me so much money, this is pathetic.

I did not set time aside during the holidays to babysit and supposed 'automated' system that I was paying for.

Then when I contacted support, they gave me some ridiculously time consuming instructions, which were very confusing. A reputable company would have fixed not only the issue, but also push thru the orders so they could be properly processed. If it were my company, I would have also offered free service for at least a year or tried somehow to find a way to make up for my client's major loss. 5-10 years of free service wouldn't have even made up for my loss.

Never again

Estados Unidos
6 meses usando la aplicación
Digital Product Labs respondió 23 de marzo de 2020

Hello Skrew,

In March we receive a review which is supposed happen during Christmas? Is this a geniune review?
Our support team has reached out to you and no response unfortunately.

If you’re facing difficulties in using the app our team is more then happy to look into it and make sure you’re setup.
But without response and a review which more looks like slander it’s hard to come to a proper solution.

kind regards,

Exportfeed support

11 de mayo de 2023

Such a pathetic customer service. Asked them 5 months long for a feature. Every time they forget and start from the scratch asking what I need. This is is not worth the money. The customer service really don´t help

Lone Star Buckle
6 meses usando la aplicación
Digital Product Labs respondió 19 de mayo de 2023

Sorry for the fact that our customer service rep was not able to give you a direct reply on your feature requests which obviously caused frustration.

Your feature request of not transferring the email address over from Etsy to Shopify at the time of an order is simply not possible since it's a required field to have the order accepted in Shopify.

I trust aside of not being able to fulfil the feature request your experience with our app is good and that you will re-consider this review over your whole app experience.

We are really hopeful you're willing to try our App again and we'll make sure your transfers between Shopify and Etsy will be fast and effective.

13 de septiembre de 2021

Etsy Integration & Sync I Can't Unsubcription Etsy Integration & Sync I Can't Unsubcription Etsy Integration & Sync I Can't Unsubcription

4 meses usando la aplicación
Digital Product Labs respondió 15 de septiembre de 2021

Like every Shopify app you can simply cancel it by removing it from the installed app section. We notified you per email as well so we are not understanding why you place a 1 star review here.

Fecha de modificación: 20 de marzo de 2022

Despite the fact that the description f this app claims “real time sync” of orders and inventory, this has never worked for me in real time. I sell on Etsy and Shopify and want this app to keep my inventory between the stores in sync so I don’t oversell a product. After reaching out I was told “ Every 10-15 minutes, our app syncs. We currently do not have live syncing, but we are working on it for the future. When you make changes in Shopify, syncing will take approximately 10-15 minutes, and if it takes longer, you are always free to contact us.” I have yet to receive a follow up response. Is this app straight up deceiving customers with their description that it syncs in real time? If I could give zero stars I could, and I will be following up with Shopify regarding their false advertising.

Northern Baby Goods
4 meses usando la aplicación
Digital Product Labs respondió 17 de marzo de 2022

The review is not reflecting accurate information about our app. The syncs are real time, which means data is processed as soon as it's received. Depending on the volume, response time of Shopify and Etsy it can be processed in seconds up to a few minutes.
We have reached out several times to Northern Baby Goods but unfortunately we could not convey these insights.

In case you're open for it we are happy to restart your trail give you a swift onboarding experience.

Fecha de modificación: 13 de diciembre de 2019

The Worst. Nobody is ever there to chat, there is not live help. Cancelled a huge amount of sales due incorrect inventory syncing. Deleted the app. amazon has just INFORMED me that my account with them is at risk of deactivation, because my cancellation of orders is at 50%. I had perfect account health with amazon prior to this horrid app. Exportfeed, remove your feeds from my amazon and etsy accounts now!
Your reply to me is a bold face lie. I have all the emails/contacts/my web developer emails, all that helped to straighten out your mess and have reported you to shopify. I will also reach out to Shopify CEO Tobias Lütke. This is not good business and caused me immense downtime, and I still have my amazon on hold trying to clean up your mess! You even renamed my products erroneously causing huge confusion. Apparently you were not using my shopify feed. You must be using some other feed unrelated to my account.

The Village Country Store
Estados Unidos
3 meses usando la aplicación
Digital Product Labs respondió 13 de diciembre de 2019

Hello Michele,
First of all it we are sad you had a negative experience while exporting your products and syncing your orders. Our support has reached out to you for assistance within hours but you refused our help at that time. Our team will always respond within hours on weekdays or direct during our office hours through Live chat. Sorry to say but it’s not the Exportfeed app what caused your issues but it’s the fact that you submitted products to Amazon both automatic and manually. Of course we’re more then happy to help you setup feeds and automate your order sync.

Best regards, Exportfeed support team.

Fecha de modificación: 2 de marzo de 2022

Absolutely do not use this app. The syncing from Etsy to Shopify is awful. Had so many issues with this app I finally deleted it. The sync would not update correctly and also if I had all the information input correctly, it would still result in a failed product sync. Unhappy and will not use this app again.

Redlite Studio
Estados Unidos
Alrededor de 2 meses usando la aplicación
Digital Product Labs respondió 19 de enero de 2022

Thank you for taking the time to review Etsy Integration & Sync. I'm so sorry to hear that it wasn't working properly at first - we pride ourselves on providing a seamless experience with your Shopify store. Please allow us to help you understanding and streamlining your inventory mismatch.