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30. August 2020

This app is so buggy, it's constantly having issues. If I could do it again I would invest in a 3rd party inventory management system like Ordoro. Eventually I'll make time to do the switch so I don't have to deal with these constant errors.

Riverside Textiles
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
15. Juni 2022

Used app only to import listings from Etsy. Is now demaning over $20/month for an occasional import. Insane. Give us pack the free option for occasional use instead of this useless free trial.

12 monate mit der App
CedCommerce hat geantwortet 16. Juni 2022

Hi Pine-Ace,

We feel sorry that we were not able to understand your needs. Actually, your requirement is custom and we have made this system as per global standards. Whenever any seller has such kind of concerns, we strongly recommend, that they connect with us so that we can help them out.

I would request you to connect with us so that we can help you with the same.

Team CedCommerce.

Bearbeitet am 12. Mai 2020

For etsy - its a bit expensive and more manual then desired but it works.

Regarding their policy of emailing me spam, not a huge fan. On their privacy policy they claim "You could also unsubscribe to the email services of CedCommerce by clicking on the unsubscription link provided at the bottom of the email." but no such link exists. I wish they would respect my privacy and not send me junk like "[1 Day To Go] Live Webinar on Business Growth in Crisis | Experts from Google & CedCommerce".

Vereinigte Staaten
11 monate mit der App
Bearbeitet am 24. Oktober 2021

Very high annual value for the gains we obtain with the integration.
If we have different prices on ETSY, we must always be aware that the built-in does not change them.
When importing, it does not distinguish between sales values of the item and includes taxes. This makes it impossible to integrate with the invoicing system.
When doing the Shipping we still have to go to ETSY to update. Because if we do it in Shopify, the order is not processed in ETSY.
And if we do the processing in Shopify, the notification that goes to the customer is not ETSY's, it's Shopify's and it gets confusing for customers.

Pacifique Sud
10 monate mit der App
11. Mai 2023

If you have a large SKU count I would NOT recommend this app. Linking current products on Etsy to Shopify products is not easy - the automatic linking for large number of listings is almost impossible. We have identical SKUs and titles on both Etsy and Shopify and the auto-linking still will not work. Support was not helpful in resolving and it felt like we asked the same questions multiple times with no resolutions. They kept telling us they would get back to us with a solution and never would respond. The process of manually linking products takes multiple steps and is very very time-consuming and near impossible - it would take over 2 minutes per product and the search feature to find the products to connect them is buggy.

Mill Wood Art
Vereinigte Staaten
8 monate mit der App
CedCommerce hat geantwortet 22. Mai 2023

Hi Mill Wood Art,
We apologize for the inconvenience you have faced.

CedCommerce Etsy Integration App allows you to sync your existing Etsy store products to your Shopify products based on SKU matching. It is an automatic feature that we have provided to our customers to reduce their manual efforts. If you have products on Etsy and Shopify with different SKUs, you can link these products manually through the app.

You had the same products on Etsy and Shopify with different SKUs, so automated syncing was impossible here. And this was not feasible for us to match your 10k listings manually through our support team. It was something beyond the features and support of the app.

We have tried to reach you multiple times through email but couldn't get your response.

We will wait to collaborate with you again soon.

Team CedCommerce.

1. August 2019

If you're doing print on demand, forget about this app. If you have a store with many products, you will eat up the SKU limit quickly and need to purchase an additional subscription. Its a huge time sink with little documentation or help. If you cancel, zero refund and you still get bombarded with emails with no way to stop them.

Vereinigte Staaten
6 monate mit der App
CedCommerce hat geantwortet 6. August 2019

Dear ZWA Customs,

Thanks for sharing your concern.

We would like to inform that the app is fully compatible with POD. In free trial period of 7 days for the app, you can list up to 50 SKUs and manage orders accordingly.

I sincerely apologize for the troubles you faced and still would like to get connected again with you.

Waiting for your coming back.

Team CedCommerce.

3. Februar 2020

poor service. transactions are hit-and-miss with the integration. i do not recommend this app for use with etsy.

Lonely Oak Art Supply
Vereinigte Staaten
5 monate mit der App
CedCommerce hat geantwortet 7. Februar 2020

Dear Lonely Oak,

We feel sorry that we could not be able to meet your needs. We got that you were facing an order issue in-app but we would like to inform that your orders were showing in the failed category because the SKUs for that orders were not available in-app. To create orders in your Shopify store and in-app, SKUs must be available for the same and you didn't have the SKUs for that orders in-app.

We have refunded your amount and it's great to see that you are still connected with us.

Team CedCommerce.

29. August 2022

Never really worked and when i decided to cancel and get a refund it took them 2 months to send me screenshot of the refund but haven't see any yet.
Waisted $$$ and time.

Vereinigte Staaten
5 monate mit der App
8. Januar 2020

App doesn't sync properly which has led to products being oversold. App developer doesn't respond to these issues and other questions. I'll be looking for a better alternative.
Vereinigte Staaten
5 monate mit der App
CedCommerce hat geantwortet 7. Februar 2020

Hi VivaMexico,

We are sorry for the inconvenience that you have faced. We were updating some functionalities because of which webhooks for inventory were taking time to work. We assure you will not face this problem again.

Thanks for stay connected with us.
Team CedCommerce.

8. Januar 2021

I'm having constant errors with my product variants and the customer support takes FOREVER to get back to you. Running into error after error and not being able to sell my items is having a negative impact on my business. The product variants are uploaded correctly and show correctly but when purchased they all say the same variant. My variant inventory also isn't updating. I'm going to have to swap to a different app, paying for this app is literally like me burning my money.

Oreamnos Oddities
Vereinigte Staaten
5 monate mit der App