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3 juni 2022

I don't recommend this app. I was initially excited to find an integration app with such high reviews, but am beyond disappointed with both the app and the customer service I received. I set up the app a few days ago and started a sync with my Etsy shop I had the app set to not sync pricing and variations since I charge more on Etsy and I have to set up variations differently on Etsy to get it to function. The sync seemed to go smooth aside froma few items I needed to map. Then I got an order, it came through with the app and the pricing seemed low but I didn't think much of it. Then today I noticed the pricing on an Etsy order was way off. I went to my Etsy shop to take a better look and realized that all of my pricing had been overwritten to match my Shopify pricing and all of my variations that were linked had been deleted. Hours and hours of work had been wiped out. When I contacted support in hopes of a solution to get this fixed they told me I must've adjusted the pricing through Etsy myself. It turned into an infuriating conversation where I was basically told over and over that I should be adjusting the pricing on their app and not directly on Etsy (I didn't adjust anything) and that there was nothing they would do to help fix their programs mistake that has now cost me money. When I asked about a refund for the month since my trial just ended last night and clearly their app was not working on my store, I was told that they already showed me how I could {manually} fix the errors and they don't give refunds if the product has already been used. I'm disappointed because I really wanted this to work.

Ungefär en månad användning av appen
CedCommerce svarade 4 juni 2022

Dear MINIturrific,

We feel sorry that our app couldn't meet your expectations. We want to explain why you faced such an issue.

You don't want to sync your price and variation from Shopify to the App Store and manage them separately on Etsy. For this, we have provided a feature in our app through which you can have control of the syncing process. We found that you were not using that feature. And so your data is overridden on Etsy.

As per Etsy API restriction, there is a single call for Inventory and Price syncing. So whenever you disable any of these, both will not work for you.

As per your conversation with one of our support team members, we didn't find that you asked for any refund. As we believe in customer satisfaction and support, we will process your refund. We still want that you use our app.

We are waiting to hear back from you.

Team CedCommerce.

Redigerat 8 juli 2022

PLEASE READ THIS REVIEW CAREFULLY IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE A VICTIM!!! Ive installed this app to try out the trial and uninstalled it right before the trial, but they kept charging me their app, I contacted their customer support and they treated me horribly and only refunded me for one month! this is despite the fact that they email me saying that they have blocked and banned me for future use just because these people are not honest and don't abide by the Shopify rules! they think we will forget and they keep charging my account so they can get their money! this is the true customer service you will get if you are considering using this app! there are plenty of other apps that It does what this app does and if not probably better! do your research and read other reviews as they had a similar experience!

Ungefär en månad användning av appen
5 maj 2020

Horrible app! I don't recommend anyone to spend his time with an app which confuses you more then to help you. The import option doesn't work. For any question, the answer is "contact shopify because..., our app is perfect". I still don't understand how this app can help me, and you must to pay $60/month for that. Very disappointed!!!

Ungefär en månad användning av appen
16 juli 2020

waste of time. Its a trap never use it. We add some products that was a big mistake. There was no any keywords can you believe it for etsy without a keyword listing is nothing. Never use any ced app they are lier. they only think you money. They are starting to help when you need real help they want to charge a lot of money! shoify must restrict ced for users!

Antdecor Limited
30 dagar användning av appen
Redigerat 21 september 2020

Would give zero stars if possible. Wanted to integrate our shopify and etsy shops but when we tried we could only sync 48 of our 68 listings and when we tried to fix that issue 14 of our listings were completely deleted from our etsy store. Not only did they delete, but we are a company with over 250 sales per day, and lost all database info of how many favorites each item had. Nobody could give us a complete answer as to what the issue was. When I tried to repost my deleted listings I received an error code and nobody could tell me what it meant. the only thing anyone could do was forward the issue to the next person. I am still waiting to hear a solution so I can fix the problem and move on. the app is very difficult to navigate and I really wouldn't recommend it to anyone with more than 5 listings and any variables. It seems as though this app can't handle the volume that our shop was doing and the integration part obviously doesn't apply to the formatting of your listing descriptions. overall just not well put together. We have lost all of our individual ratings for those 14 listings and we will never be able to get those back. Losing out on any sales is detrimental to a small business especially during a pandemic, but this is completely ridiculous. In the end, we were offered 2 more free weeks to try the program, but we absolutely cannot "try" software/apps that should work upon first install.

rainbow cupboard
27 dagar användning av appen
CedCommerce svarade 22 september 2020

Hi there!

It is sad to hear that you didn't find our services useful. We have handled the combination-variation case from our end. So we want that you give one more try to this app and use it free for one month. We assure you that you will not get disappointed this time.

We would love to serve you once again.

Team CedCommerce.

6 december 2018

If you're using a Print on Demand supplier with their own Etsy integration, this app will duplicate their orders, screwing up your orders and accounting. NOT COOL.

Also, by selling POD, your inventory count is basically unlimited, but this integration doesn't know that. If you leave the inventory count at 0, then the order placed on Etsy will not be imported into your shopify store.

American Pride HQ
21 dagar användning av appen
CedCommerce svarade 15 mars 2019

Dear American Pride,

Thanks for sharing your concern. I would like to inform you that we had unaware that you were using POD, also you never informed us about the same. The basic function of the app is until you don't have SKU and inventory of SKU we can't fetch order from the marketplace. We sync everything from Shopify. At that time, we were also not providing support for POD.

In the current scenario, Etsy Marketplace Integration App is compatible with POD. So, I would like to request you, to give it another chance. We are always here to serve you.


Redigerat 30 april 2019

Very POOR customer service !!! They offer 7 days FREE trial, however, the subscription starts immediately! I used their app for a few minutes on March 1st, 2019 and contact them immediately by their chat system, asked for canceling my subscription and issue the refund but they said we will contact you and resolve the issue in 1-2 days but never did and never replied to my messages. I uninstalled the app but they continue charging me $50.00 monthly. The company doesn't reply to your emails. NO HELP AT ALL. The worst customer service ever.
I have reported this company to Shopify and waiting for their help to receive my $100 refund.

19 dagar användning av appen
CedCommerce svarade 7 augusti 2019

Dear Babenest,

We apology for the trouble you have faced. Actually, you have chosen a recurring plan for the app which deducts at the billing time of your Shopify store. It is not deducted by us.

We have also sent a mail to billing team regarding your issue, it may be due because of some delayed communication.

We want that you get connected with us again so that we can serve you to sell on Etsy.

Team CedCommerce

17 september 2019


If i could give this app a minus I would and strongly recommend that you avoid this app at all cost. This app is full of people doing fraudulent activity. My first sale on this app happened to be a fraudster instead of helping me through support they closed my account down and refused to speak with me. When I contacted them via phone they just hung the phone up on me. The same person then went onto my website and tried to purchase more goods which i quickly notified shopify which they talked me through the process of how to handle this in the future. A far lot more than what ETSY had provided me with. I will be definitely reporting this app and advise anyone to steer clear.

14 dagar användning av appen
CedCommerce svarade 7 februari 2020

Dear Retro-Sauce,

We feel really sorry that your Etsy has been closed. But we would like to inform you that the Etsy Marketplace Integration App is not responsible for the same.

We (CedCommerce) are 3rd party integration provider and we are only responsible to connect your Shopify store to, uploading products, sync inventory on both end and manage orders from Etsy to Shopify. As your account has been closed, this is done from Etsy's end and this is a separate decision from our app. If they found any suspicious activity with accounts, they close the account. Also, it seems that you had tried to connect with their support team, we feel bad that you didn't get any positive response from their end.

I hope now you must have been understood that this was not the fault of the app. We are always seeing the future to work with you again.

Team CedCommerce.

29 november 2021

This app doesn't seem to work. I started the app but didn't have time to list items right away and the free trial expired. Even if I was able to test it out it wont let me chose the lowest plan which means I have to pay $400 to find out if it even works. I currently cant do anything in the app without getting the subscribe screen which I cant use because the starter plan isn't selectable.

Ohana Underground
14 dagar användning av appen
11 juli 2019

These people constantly called me from a private number once my trial was over. That's absolutely unacceptable.

8 dagar användning av appen
CedCommerce svarade 6 augusti 2019


We apologize for the inconvenience you have faced. We were just trying to connect with you so that we can help you regarding your product's status on Etsy. We also wrote emails to you but didn't receive any response from your side.

Also, we have mentioned in our Terms and Condition clearly that we can contact you in any case of emergency. The same thing we have mentioned in the Settings section of the app. Still, we apologize that you face such kind of trouble.

We would like to serve you in near future.

Team CedCommerce