Product Import

Product Import

Electric Borneo Cat

Import your Etsy products with a few clicks

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Easy to use

Intuitive menu and quick support when you need it 👌

Free to try, loyal to work

10 listings for free to try. Pay only when you use the app.

Smart to migrate

Intelligent merge by SKU or by product name. Smart migration: we don’t make doubles. 😌

Product Import 정보

What is Etsy Migration?

Looking for an easy and quick way to import your Etsy listings? Here it is. While you create your art objects and develop your business, we do all the routine to import your products from Etsy to Shopify.

Etsy migration is an easy, smart, and quick way to import your listings to Shopify to represent your business in Etsy and Shopify both and double your profit.

Our benefits:

  • We are safe. We don’t collect your business information. You give us a minimum set of permissions.
  • Easy to use. We will be well integrated into your shop admin panel, you will enjoy using an app with all the familiar Shopify controls.
  • You add to Etsy – we do a migration to Shopify. All pictures, descriptions, and prices you have in Etsy, will appear in your Shopify.
  • Intelligent merge. We will merge your listings when needed. We will add new products and do not touch existing ones. You may add new listings by SKU or by name.
  • Smart import. If we have imported this listing before, we will not import it again.
  • Import is going on automatically and directly from your Etsy store (no CSV or other files – easy and quickly).
  • We are loyal to your business. Free trial for 10 listings. Loyal after: you pay only when you use it. We are always free for development teams.


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무료 설치

$0.1 (10 cents) per imported product. 10 products for free.

4.9 별 5개 중

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가장 최근 리뷰


SOOOOOO easy to import etsy products! It only takes minutes for 40 items. Thank yall so much for this app easy and simple

개발자 회신

2020년 12월 8일

Thanks for your review. We are delighted you liked it!

Look What I've Got

Worked well and was easy to setup and import. My only complaint is it doesn't use the same currency I have in my Etsy and Spotify shop and converted all the prices to USD when both are CAD

개발자 회신

2020년 11월 30일

Hi, thanks for your review. We will check if it is possible to select CAD as your default currency.

Squatchy Outdoor

That was so easy! What a great time saver and it worked exactly as promised. Perfect for moving listings from ETSY to your Shopify store

개발자 회신

2020년 11월 19일

Hi, thank you a lot for your feedback! We are delighted that the application met your expectations. If you have any idea on how the application can cover your needs better - do no hesitate to give us a note!