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3 novembre 2022

I tested this app. Unfortunately it is not possible to create a cookie banner which is GDPR conform. It's not possible to give visitors the option to decline optional cookies.
Therefore there is a risk of getting fined.

Maldives Dreams
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Nova Apps ha risposto 3 novembre 2022

Hi Maldives Dreams team,

Thank you for your feedback about EU Cookie Bar – and I'm sorry this app didn't mean your expectations!

Just for full clarification and transparency, using this app alone does not guarantee full compliance with GDPR. Our app is designed to pass user consent to Shopify. Each Shopify merchant is responsible for handling its own GDPR obligations.

Our app uses AI to pass consented information to Shopify via their consent tracking API. Your customers can give consent by clicking the button or click your shop’s privacy policy page for instructions on how to disable cookies.

Each Shopify merchant is responsible for posting their own privacy, GDPR policy and instructions on how to disable cookies in their privacy policy. This is noted on our app description and screenshots, however I just edited it to make it more clear.

Thanks again for your feedback and I reached out over email to help make things right.


16 marzo 2021

Whilst the app was user friendly and at first appeared to be working correctly, we have noticed that the app is stopping Google Analytics from tracking conversions

Urban Gifts
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28 maggio 2020

Works perfectly on the mobile but the button 'got it' isn't selectable when using a PC or a Mac.
As it's a free app, the reply I received was that no help could be provided.

Regno Unito
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26 aprile 2020

Had to uninstall as is requesting an endpoint that requires a commercial licence.

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()
cookie_consent.js?13:1 The service[0] (// responded with the following error Error: Error [UNKNOWN]: Commerical use detected. Contact administrator at
at s (cookie_consent.js?13:1)
at Object.callback (cookie_consent.js?13:1)
at i.runServiceCallback (cookie_consent.js?13:1)
at cookie_consent.js?13:1
at XMLHttpRequest.s.onreadystatechange (cookie_consent.js?13:1)

ALL Delivered
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31 marzo 2020

We sent a question to the support and the bluntly reply that they can't provide an answer because the app was free. We rather have a paid with support than not having support when technical issues happen

JDF 1999
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Nova Apps ha risposto 31 marzo 2020

Hi there, totally understand 🙂 We provide the app for free to over 100,000 Shopify Merchants along with our server bills to keep the app up and running each month. I'm afraid we can only offer community and help doc support for this app as a result.

Here's another paid alternative instead

Hope that helps 🙌

17 febbraio 2020

It does not allow the option for the site visitor to decline. The EU requires "explicit consent" from the visitor.

Palo Alto Innovation
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17 novembre 2019

Easy to install and works just fine. As soon as a customer accepts the bar its not shown anymore.
But!! In the description nowhere is written if this app is actually blocking my cookies until the customer accepts. Without this information no serious eCommerce retailer should use this app. Because if the app does not grant this action it is illegal by EU law. Also the app would need a option where you can see who of your customers accepted and who didn´t (because if a customer decides that he does not want to agree to your terms anymore you need to be able to manualy delete the automatic cookie installation etc) for him).
In total - Nice free app because easy to use, but should not be used wihtout further infromation!

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2 ottobre 2019

El texto predeterminado lo cambié y ahora sale en el pie de titulo en el motor de búsqueda y no puedo quitarlo ni cambiarlo desde las preferencias de la tienda, que hago?

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Data modifica: 21 agosto 2019

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Color Pop Wax
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8 agosto 2019

It doesn't work. Impossible to finish the download..
This was recommended on youtube by a nice blogger. I Don't understand the bug!

Nomad Tribe Swim
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