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Bewerkt 4 juni 2018

App is not working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karigar Amsterdam
Meer dan een jaar gebruiken de app
2 juli 2018

This plugin broke our site.

Caused all product pages to freeze and we had no sales for 2 hours. Thanks to this POS free app.

Thanks guys!

Verenigde Staten
Ongeveer een jaar gebruiken de app
25 januari 2018

Not working for me....enabled but not showing up. Says 66% done.

Mukti Mats Eu
12 maanden gebruiken de app
5 juni 2018

the banner is not on my website

Teq Shop
10 maanden gebruiken de app
25 december 2017

application utile mais compliquer a mettre en place

9 maanden gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 18 februari 2018

i dont like the fact this app asked me to review before i have used it :(

Verenigd Koninkrijk
7 maanden gebruiken de app
17 november 2019

Easy to install and works just fine. As soon as a customer accepts the bar its not shown anymore.
But!! In the description nowhere is written if this app is actually blocking my cookies until the customer accepts. Without this information no serious eCommerce retailer should use this app. Because if the app does not grant this action it is illegal by EU law. Also the app would need a option where you can see who of your customers accepted and who didn´t (because if a customer decides that he does not want to agree to your terms anymore you need to be able to manualy delete the automatic cookie installation etc) for him).
In total - Nice free app because easy to use, but should not be used wihtout further infromation!

7 maanden gebruiken de app
31 juli 2019

does not work properly. For Businesses based in europe not a good app. the link to the european commission page is not working. We've already received complains because of this. not good. We have to remove this app from all our shops

Jungle Bee
6 maanden gebruiken de app
8 juni 2018

The App Stops at 66%!
I have Contacted them about the problem and they replies that they provide email support for paid customers only!

5 maanden gebruiken de app
16 maart 2021

Whilst the app was user friendly and at first appeared to be working correctly, we have noticed that the app is stopping Google Analytics from tracking conversions

Urban Gifts
Verenigd Koninkrijk
5 maanden gebruiken de app