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10 marzec 2024

*STOP* Don't waste your time. This app is free, but is NOT Google GCM V2 compliant. So using it doesx not help you ANYTHING here in the EU.

If you need a GDPR cookie consent tool - this is the one to skip and not consider sinceit's useless.
Best regards, Agnes

6 dni korzystania z aplikacji
Nova Apps odpowiedział(a) 12 marzec 2024

Hi there,

I've read your recent feedback about our app, and I'm truly sorry for any inconvenience you may have faced.

However, it seems that there might be a misunderstanding regarding our app's compliance with Google Consent Mode (GCM V2) based on your previous interaction with our chat support. I want to clarify that our app is indeed compliant with Google Consent Mode (GCM V2). However, we were simply trying to explain that it's important to note that using our app alone does not automatically ensure full compliance with GDPR as there certain guidelines that you need to follow and fulfill on your own such as having the right settings in Shopify and crafting/displaying your own privacy and GDPR policy pages.

I have sent you an email discussing this in further detail. So, please feel free to discuss this further with us as we're more than happy to help.

We hope to hear back from you soon.


22 luty 2024

J'ai désinstallé cette application mais elle continue d'être active sur ma boutique. comment est-ce possible que quelque chose qui n'est plus là continue d'être là quand même?

Dans la besace du p'tit Poucet
Prawie 6 lat korzystania z aplikacji
Nova Apps odpowiedział(a) 23 luty 2024

Hi there,

I've carefully reviewed your recent feedback regarding our app, and I want to extend my sincerest apologies for any inconvenience you've encountered.

Upon reviewing your website, we did not find any traces of our cookie app remaining. It seems that our app's code has been successfully removed from your store. However, to provide you with the most accurate assistance, we kindly request a screenshot of the issue you mentioned in your review.

Without a visual reference of what you are experiencing on your end, it is challenging for us to pinpoint the exact problem and provide a solution. Your cooperation in providing a screenshot of the issue would greatly assist us in resolving this matter efficiently.

Though our app is completely free, it is by no means an app that we neglect, and we take issues such as the one you're experiencing very seriously and would love to get to the bottom of it.

Waiting to hear back from you soon. Please let us know if you have any other concerns.

Best Regards,

18 marzec 2024

It's not working. I asked for assistance but they were not able to fix it.

Metodo Sgarbi - Seduzione
5 dni korzystania z aplikacji
Nova Apps odpowiedział(a) 19 marzec 2024

Hi Marco,

Darrel here from Nova Apps.

I've read your recent app store review and I sincerely apologize if the app didn't work on your store.

Unfortunately, we have run into some instances of incompatibility between our app and your theme. We are working to address these issues and provide a full and permanent solution so that any user can enjoy this app for free! However, since there are hundreds of themes out there, a permanent solution may take time.

In the meantime, we will continue to look into this to determine what may be causing this issue. Rest assured, that even though this is a free app, we don't take it for granted.

We also sent you an email regarding the issue. If you have any other questions, please just let me know.


29 grudzień 2017

Stops download at 33%. And why does it need order information?

Ponad 5 lat korzystania z aplikacji
21 czerwiec 2019

Easy to use but not tested yet as the comment is mandatory before the installation, lets see how it works

Horticultura LED
Prawie 4 lata korzystania z aplikacji
12 sierpień 2018

writing a review before seeing the app in action is ridiculous.

Ryoko Bags Uk
Wielka Brytania
Ponad 3 lata korzystania z aplikacji
23 maj 2018

Not sure if it's working. I went through the set up procedure - but when I check my store - I do not see the pop-up. Spent 10-minutes on this so far. Is it working? don't know yet. I will revise this review if I get this thing to work.

Practical Disaster Planning
Stany Zjednoczone
Ponad 2 lata korzystania z aplikacji
18 kwiecień 2018

Doesn't work for me i'm being forwarded to a blank page. You get an automated email saying they don't respond to this support you have to contact them through the app, the app forwards you here for support!

Lady Days Cloth Pads
Wielka Brytania
Ponad 2 lata korzystania z aplikacji
8 sierpień 2019

It doesn't work. Impossible to finish the download..
This was recommended on youtube by a nice blogger. I Don't understand the bug!

Nomad Tribe Swim
Ponad 2 lata korzystania z aplikacji
Edytowano 10 wrzesień 2018

Vous me demander de vous donner une note. hors que je vient d'installer. Je n'arrive pas a installer l'applique. Me dit que je suis à 66%

Exclusif Boutique
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